My Journal entry on May 18th, 2016

Last night before I went to bed I watched Alien VS Predator. Spook laid with me. I swear she watches T.V. with me at night. I don’t know if she’s staring at the T.V. or looking at something else. Who knows?

I had a good day today. I did go for my walk and it was nice and sunny out. Just the way I like it. It was so chilly I had goose bumps all over my arms, but I didn’t care because I was seriously hot and I needed some fresh air. I felt flushed all over. I wasn’t having an anxiety or panic attack, I just needed some air and my apartment was just a tad hot.

While I was walking to Candi’s house to pick up Mocha I could smell the pine and mint. There was the smell of flowers. I sniffed hard and I smiled. It smelled so good. I wish I knew what flower it was. I love to walk after it rains because the earth releases a lot of smells, like fresh grass, flowers, and bark on the trees, pine trees and mint. It smells so good and it relaxes me. If you are a walker try walking right after its done raining. The smells will relax you, it works for me.

When I got to Candi’s house there were guys cutting the big tree down in the back of the house.

At first Mocha didn’t recognize me probably because I had my hair up in a bun. Once I came closer to her she stopped and stared at me as if trying to figure out who I was. When I spoke that’s when she started to wag her tail and bark at me.

Once we started our walk we passed a few houses that had dogs behind fences, thank god. I didn’t notice at the moment, but Mocha started to bark and wine and I didn’t understand why she was doing that till I turned my head and saw a larger brown dog on a lease.

Mocha walked onto the street and pulled at the lease trying to get to that dog, but she couldn’t get far because I had the lease on lock. The brown dog didn’t even move, flinch or bark. He just stood there staring at Mocha.

It makes me a little nervous when there are dogs in other yards and thank god they are either behind a fence or on a lease because if one came after us Mocha would not stand down. If that ever happens I’ll just scoop Mocha up right into my arms.

The sky was cloudy half way through our walk and I was hoping that it wasn’t going to rain. I’m just so sick and tired of it raining every day, BUT I love the smell after it rains. I just hate the cold wet damp cloudy days. I like it when the sun is shining after it rains and the earth releases all those smells.

After I finished my walk I wanted to walk around the square to some of the business. First I went to Perk Cup. I never have been in there so I wanted to check it out. When I first went in, there were nice shining hard wood floors and in the window were some gift ideas. I didn’t look at them long enough. There was a nice sitting area with a big rug under the chairs and tables. Tall shelfs had other gifts items. I can’t remember what they were. There were like purses, books and lots of other stuff. And there was an area in the front where you can make your own coffee and across from that there was a counter for someone to scope ice cream for a customer. I liked Perk Cup. I will be going back.

As I walked down the sidewalk and crossed the street I kept yawning and my eyes were watery. I didn’t understand why I was so tired. I slept fine last night, so I didn’t understand what the deal was.

Then I went to Main Street Market and checked out more stuff. There are really nice clothes and lots of purses to choose from. There are different kinds of key chains, coffee mugs, small square glass trays, scarfs, hats and my most favorite spot is the office area. I call it the office area. There are items that I would buy. I really love going there.

After that I went to This that and the other. There is almost everything in that store. Like tables, glasses, books, rugs, forks, spoons, pots and pans, DvD movies. Dressers, games, shampoo, bracelets. You name it, I’m sure it’s in there. I looked around for a little bit and as I was I kept seeing things I wanted and I said I want that, I want this, oh I can use this.

Thankfully the sun was still shining. I did not want to get rained on like I did yesterday, but that’s okay. Humans can’t melt.

Then I went to Plush Pony, that’s another clothing store. I love Plush Pony. I buy there when I have money. She has mostly clothes for adults in the front and in the back are baby clothes. If I find a book I like I’ll buy it or when I have money I’ll come back and buy it, but I’m always looking for baby books because I need new character names for my novels.

When I finished looking around I left and went to the library and checked out three movies Iran Man 3, Jaws and Jurassic Park. I didn’t even know Jurassic Park was at the library. If I knew that I would have checked it out a lot, but now I will.

When I look at books I like I stare at the covers and smile. And sometimes I am jealous of the other authors because their book is on the shelf and mine isn’t. The one thing I want in life is to see my novel on the shelf with my name on the cover. I want to know what that feeling is like.


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