Pretty Little Killers or Pretty Little Murders?????

Wow, what a busy writing weekend I had. On Saturday, June 10th, through the whole day, I wrote 2,953 words and 11 pages. Then on Sunday, June 11th I wrote 4,818 words and 13 pages. All together that’s 7,771 words and 24 pages. WOW!!! That makes me really really happy that I actually got some writing done. Durning the writing process I felt like I had written more because there were so many pages and words. The short story is coming along great, I’m still trying to figure out a title. I just might go with Pretty Little Killers or Pretty Little Murders. Thinking about how much more I have to write I think I’ll have 5 or 10 more pages left to write then I’m done. The reason why I started this new short story was that I needed a break from my other short story Marissa and Josephine. I don’t have much left to write about that one. All I have left is the ending fight scene between Angie and Marissa. So that’s what’s going on in my a little creative crazy world. 🙂

A Brand New short story.

Well, I did it again. I was watching an episode on Youtube about two girls that killed their best friend. So an idea came to me and I started to write it. I wrote 1,319 words and 5 pages so far. I want this to be a short story. Not a novel. I hope. I’m getting really into the 16-year-old characters and their story. The title I have right now is Pretty Little Killers, but there is already a book called that. So my other title is Pretty little Best friends or Beautiful Young Murderers. Or My Bestfriend’s Killed me. I’m sure what tile I want, but I really like Pretty Little Killers.

My Happy 29th BIRTHDAY.

My birthday was June 5th, 2017 this last Monday and I went out to eat with Candi, Abbi and Coffee at Johnny’s Italian’s Steak House on the south side of Des Monies.

Candi got me new workout clothes because I walk every day. I walk 3,000 steps in the morning then take a small break then walk another 3,000 steps then take another small break then walk another 3,000 steps then eat lunch and walk 3,000 more steps then I’m done.


I’ve been so motivated to walk because I got new clothes and I feel motivated to walk more, so I’ve been doing a lot of walking this week and lost 6 pounds so far. So that was amazing.

And I went to a shoe store with Abbi to get a new pair of shoes to walk in because my other ones weren’t good. They were falling apart and my feet hurt a lot. So I picked a pair out and choose these.


I like them better than my old ones. Ever since I started to wear them, my feet haven’t hurt and the front of my legs don’t hurt anymore.

I did have a good birthday and was glad to spend it with a few close friends.

Marissa and Josephine

My Marissa and Josephine short story is turning out well. Now I have to figure out what needs to happen next. Maybe have them go to the lab where Marissa was created and where Josephine was born. And of course, the bad guys show up like they always do. So I still have a bit to write. Altogether, I have 6,471 words and 23 pages. I think it’s already too long, so I need to end it quick and fast. And I still have to make a cover for it as well. I have an idea for that, but not sure if I will use it or not. I’m having a lot of fun working with this short story.

A scene from Marissa and Josephine

The writer’s meeting went well. I was a little nervous because I was reading a scene from a short story called Marissa and Josephine I had started a few months back. When I was at Hobby Lobby Wednesday with Candi and Coffee I was walking down the isle’s speaking into my phone, people were giving me weird looks because the one line I said was “his skull split and blood splattered out the side.” LOL I’m a writer what do you suspect. But everybody liked my scene I wrote.

Two short stories at once. Marissa and Josephine, and Three Witches and the coven.

On Tuesday I worked on two short stories. Marissa and Josephine, and Three Witches and the coven. I was trying to do research on coven because I don’t know about them very well.

I did type 595 words for both short story’s Marissa and Josephine, and The Three Witches and the coven. I wrote 59 words for Marissa and Josephine in my notebook that I got at OfficeMax. And I typed 497 words for The three witches and the coven.

On Monday I was trying to write in the short story The Three witches and the coven. I watched a video of these three girls that had black dresses on and they also had black lace corsets too. They were in the woods, sticks stacked like an upside-down cone, there was a white cloth on the ground, an apple, wine glasses, then the girls were holding hands circling the fire. I liked the video and wrote everything down that I saw and heard and added it to my story. Then I watched another video about covens. There was a woman talking about covens and what the witches do and why they are there. I know a coven is a gathering of witches to do spells and rituals and other stuff.