When you have your own published book arrive in the mail why wouldn’t you want to have your own little photo shoot with them? ūüôā OKAY, I GOT A LITTLE TOO EXCITED, but I don’t care. This has been a long life dream to be a published author. It’s been 5 months since last November of 2017.


If you are a published author or an aspiring writer and you want people to notice you, there’s a way. Actually, there are A LOT of ways to get you and your work noticed by other writers and readers.

If you are new to writing or if you have neem writing for some time now or as long I have and you want people to be interested in your life then here are a few tips of mine.

The Hashtag definition: What’s a hashtag? A Hashtag is a sign like this #. When you write something you writer the hashtag. Here is an example of mine. I love my two black cats. They mean everything to me. Who doesn’t like a black cat’s? #blackcats #blackcatsofinstagram. Do you understand now?¬†Here’s another one that I recently posted. This one’s real. I just knocked out 2,503 words & 6 pages. Wow and whoa! There is a much-needed break. #authorlife #writer. Using hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can catch a readers eye or another author or writer like yourself.

I can give you a list of hashtags that I use a lot. When I’m working on my new book or if I’m reading then I’ll use a certain hashtag. So if I wrote 2,000 some words and I want to post that then you can write the tweet however you want. Once you have it written you can then leave a hashtag behind it.

  • #writer
  • #writinglife
  • #2,000wordswritten
  • #writergoals

You can use any of these if you want. Or if you are writing a short story. Here are a few more you can use.

  • #shortstory
  • #shortstory2018
  • #newshortstory
  • #newshortstoryofApril2018
  • #shortstoryMonday
  • #shortstoryweekend

If your short story has humor or scary things in it, here are some more hashtags you can to use.

  • #humorshortstory
  • #horrorshortstory
  • #funnyshortstory
  • #romanceshortstory

You can make up as many as you want. I make up some of mine.

If you are writing a book series then there’s a lot you can use. I’m a self-published author of TheWish. Every time I post about my new book. When I had my book launch party I used these hashtags.

  • #newselfpublishedauthor2017
  • #newauthor
  • #author
  • #publishedauthor
  • #booklaunchparty
  • #newauthor2017
  • #newhorrorauthor

What other hashtags can you think of, well think about what type of book you are writing?¬†What’s the genre?

  • #paranormal
  • #horror
  • #fantasy
  • #mystery
  • #humor
  • #youngadult

These can help you out when you tweet because people do look at a tweet on Twitter and see what people are writing about or what they are up too. Now if you are writing a book series then here are a few that I have used or found myself.

  • #bookseries
  • #horrorbookseries
  • #middlegradebookseries
  • #bookseriesilove
  • #newbookseriesof2018
  • #brandnewbookseries
  • #bookseriesaddict
  • #newbookseriesinprocess
  • #romancebookseries
  • #mytserybookseries

Or if you are not a writer and you do something completely different from YouTube, Blog, workout. Something like that then you can still hashtag about it. Whatever you do in life hashtag about it because someone that’s struggling in life with their weight or their youtube channel they might come across yours and it might help them. Here are some hashtags you could if you are a YouTuber.

  • #newyoutubchannel
  • #youtube
  • #youtuber
  • #youtubvideos
  • #youtube2018
  • #myyoutubchannel
  • #youtubeworkout
  • #youtubheathly

If you Blog every day or if you blog once a week or every two weeks then here are some hashtags you can feel free to use, other people use them too.

  • #blog
  • #blogger
  • #bloggerlife
  • #bloggerstyle
  • #blogs
  • #blogging
  • #bloggers
  • #blogspots
  • #blogged
  • #writersblog
  • #blogger2018

If you are new to blogging and you work out and exercise and you want to inspire people you can create a blog or you can create an Instagram account. If you already have a blog and an Instagram and don’t know how to get people to come look at your blog or don’t know what hashtags to use here are a few I found.

  • #exercisemotivation
  • #exerciseeveryday
  • #exercise
  • #eatheathly
  • #eatright
  • #eatfruits
  • #eatveggies
  • #gowalking
  • #gorun
  • #moveyourbody
  • #workoutgoals
  • #walkeveryday
  • #burnedcalories
  • #walkingroute
  • #workoutgoals2018

So as you can see I just posted at least 30 hashtag ideas for you. And if you come up with new ones, that’s great. Using hashtags are a great source of attention. You can use these on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or your Website if you have one.

If you are interested in my work about tips and tricks on writing or what or how I’m doing in my writer’s life, you can follow my blog Ashley Lovell Author. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see what I’m up too and how my two cats are doing. I also have a facebook fan page called Ashley Lovell Author. There you’ll see all my writing project updates and what I’ve been up to. And you will also be able to see what I blog about on my blog site. There’s a link to it as well. On my fan page, I also have information about my novel The Wish.

If you are interested in my newly published novel The Wish, the first book in a series you can download it from Amazon Kindle for $5.99. If you want a print signed copy, you can private message me on my Twitter account or my Facebook fan page to get the details.

Have a great day and happy writing!


When I write a cliffhanger at the end of the novel I want to keep the reader interested on the last page and I have them want more. That sound like a cliffhanger to me. If you are writing a novel and you are stuck at the end and now sure how to write a cliffhanger. Well, I did my research and I found 5 types of endings that you can try out. I’m sure there are more out there.

  1. The Explicit Ending: This ending wraps up all the questions you had throughout the story. I did use this toward the end because Geena, my paranormal researcher looks up all the unanswered questions and at the end, she reveals all the information.
  2. The Twist Ending: This ending means unexpecting twist that you were not ready for. In some of my chapters of The Wish, I had twists happen.
  3. The Tie-back ending: This ending ties up with clues from the story. So my novel The Wish I left a lot of clues throughout the story and then toward the end my main character Alivia solves them all.
  4. The Unresolved ending: This ending is known as a cliffhanger. In my novel, The Wish Geena takes the dagger and the diamond to her house where she knows it will be safe and locks it up and then one of Inga’s demons appears and I leave it hanging right there. That’s a cliffhanger.
  5. The Long view ending:¬†This ending will tell you whats going to happen to your character way into the future. I don’t think I’ve used this ending. I’m sure I probably have in some of my writings.

When I did my research on these ending I found them to be helpful and understanding. And I will give them a try.

I hope these ending helped you.

Have a great day and happy writing!


For some writers, the Sequel in a series can be exciting and thrilling. There could be new adventures and new unexpected journeys. I love the sound of that.

But in some cases, the sequel can be stressful and challenging. Are you in the process of writing a sequel, but you seem to struggle¬†with every setting and every character or even the backstory and you just don’t know where to go from where you last left off?

Well here’s my view on a sequel. When it comes to writing a sequel there can be a lot of new things that might happen. It will excite you and get your mind going with new fresh ideas. A lot can come into writing a sequel. A sequel can bring new characters, new locations. Old characters that you haven’t seen in a while. A shocking beginning or end. ¬†When I finished writing The Wish, I jumped to the sequel right away because I knew where the story was going to be and what the story was.

Here is a small tip. When you are struggling with the sequel you can go back to your first novel and look back at all the hidden clues you had left and you will get an idea for the sequel. That’s what I did. In The Wish, my main character Alivia goes to see a therapist because her parents think she’s having night terrors. After the appointment had finished and before Alivia left a girl walked into the room and the lady at the front desk said: “Hello, Alyson.” Now I did that because she’ll appear¬†in the sequel. And you can do that too. You can have characters play tiny parts in the first novel and then in the 2nd novel have them play bigger parts.

  1. Should your sequel be smaller or bigger than the first novel?: It all depends on what your characters are doing and where they are at. If your 1st novel is a cliffhanger and your character was stranded in the woods and you stop it right there, then maybe you can continue the story in the sequel. And have that person come face to face with dangers. And maybe this person will meet new characters and then you have a story. Maybe they met in the first one and they meet up again in the 2nd novel. You see what I mean. You can come up with many ideas and twist and turns for the sequel.
  2. Create a new setting or change it with shock factors: When you write the sequel you want to change up the setting. If you want to use the last setting from your first book, that’s fine, but the reader wants new. New setting. New characters. New backstory. New adventures and new shocking plots. If you do the same stuff from the first one the reader will be disappointed. If you still want to use the same setting from the first book then you can change it up a bit. In my sequel from The Wish, Alivia moves to Winnipeg,¬†Canada for college to be a dentist. That’s a big change for Alivia and of course for me because I never been in Canda and I do not know anything about that country, so I did my research.
  3. Introduce your new characters: Bringing in new characters can excite the readers. The old characters are still there, but the new ones can bring a lot more to the story. What the new person does and where they are from can create something new for the novel.
  4. Bring in a new villain¬†or the old one?:¬†Bringing in a new villain can be a big change in your story. In my novel, The Wish Alivia kills Inga with the dagger at the end of the novel and she thinks that “its over, she’s finally dead. Well in the sequel Inga comes back and she kills two boys that had awakened her. Now that Inga is dead she can’t keep souls in her diamond to stay strong. So you can bring back your old villain and have them play out a bigger part then the rest. Maybe they have new powers or a plan to stop the bad guys.
  5. Go bigger: If you have all these new ideas and new characters¬†and you think “this is too much, it’s too long,” its okay if the sequel is big and long. My 2nd book was over 600 pages because there were brand new characters and I was in their POV. And there was a lot going on with all those people. Now years later when I look back at it I’m still like “this is too much and I need to cut it down. It’s too long. There’s too. much going on,” So I took out a lot. Most of the writing¬†was overwritten¬†stuff that didn’t need to be there. That’s why it was so long and so big and so many pages. Once I cut out all that garbage, I knocked it down to I think 50,000 words. I’m not really sure because haven’t looked at it in a while. And I know it still needs help and needs a lot of work. At one point I really did think I wanted to shut rewrite the whole story from scratch, but keep some of the stuff from the first draft.

I hope these tips help you with your sequel. If you are interested in my work and tips and tricks with writing, you can follow my blog. You can also follow me on Instagram. I have a fan Facebook page called Ashley Lovell Author. I also have Twitter.

If you are interested in my newly published novel The Wish, the first book in a series you can download it from Amazon for $5.99. If you want a print signed copy, you can private message me on my Twitter account or my Facebook fan page.

Have a great day and happy writing.