Oranazion was much NEEDED!

As a writer, I love comfy spaces. A space where I can go to and feel achieved and accomplished.

So I did this…


And I also NEEDED to do this!

Now I have a place for my bags and letters!

So I guess I can tell you all. I’m sure some of you are wondering what I have been writing about since this virus broke breakout.

I can give you a 1 sentence about the secret book collection that I am working on.

Here it is!

She woke up in a lab and was forced out into the deadly & infected world where only the virus remains. Can she survive it?

And here’s a glimpse of the cover!

Can you all guess what genre, title and age group it’s for?


HOME by Ashley Lovell

Do you like to read poetry?

   This is my first poetry book to publish and I enjoyed every minute of it. The writing, the tears, and the pictures took me down memory lane and it felt refreshing and relaxing to look back at my childhood and remembering my dad Charlie. The one and the only person I called Dad.

   My first EVER published poetry book Home is available now on Amazon.com starting at $12.00.


WICKED CURSE, coming FALL 2020

Tyler has fallen into Inga’s grasp of the spell, what are her plans are for him now?

Alivia and Geena are in a world beyond their century where villagers hang and burn accused witches of witchcraft. What’s the story behind this village? Not all witches are evil. Belinda, a witch who’s connects with nature and animals gives Alivia a vial to help Tyler.

Back in Traverse City, Maddisyn mourns a heavy depression of her brother, Kegan. For Richie’s little sister Johanna, something dark and sinister emerges from her tiny body and lurks in the basement as it slowly grows by each hour. What would it be?

While Kegan and Terrance try to find a way out of the mess they are in, they stumble across abandoned houses where Kegan discovers a book.

Can one potion save a life or can a mysterious book call upon the dead … if opened.