Monday’s are my favorite day of the week. It’s the start of something new. New ideas. A fresh start and ready to be creative again.



Hello everybody. I’m Ashley Lovell, the author of The Wish and here are some Fun Facts About Me that you don’t know!

MP-211# I’m a picky eater.

If I go out to eat with friends or if somebody cooks for me, I won’t lie, I’ll pick through the food and see whats in it because I can’t have hot spicy things because I would get really bad heartburn and acid reflux, so when people wouldn’t look I would tear through the food and if there was something that I knew didn’t like or wouldn’t eat I would hurry up and dump in the trash or feed it to the dog if they were allowed to eat human food. So if you cook for me don’t be shocked that I’m picking through it. It’s probably best if you ask me what do you want me to cook for you.

12038215_697328633736198_2129769783943808037_n 2# I grew up in the country until my high school year.

From as long as I can remember I lived out in the country with my mom, my brother, my sister, and my stepdad. I remember there were corn fields on each side of the trailer. The woods that I use to wander off in and explore all the time was behind the house. The only way you could get into the woods was to cross over this deep ditch that use to be a river at one point in time for the cows to drink out of. So one day my brother laid a long piece of wood across it and that’s how we got in and out. To the right side of the trailer, there was a road and we called it the mud road because it was always muddy. You don’t dare drive your car down there because at some time you will get suck. I remember as a child a lot of people would come to our house when it was deer season and my mom and stepdad would try and help them get their car out of the mud. As a kid, me, my brother, my sister and my cousin would go down the road and we would find rocks and all different kinds of things, but mostly rocks.

hill-2347529_960_720.jpg 3# When I was 11 or 12 I use to bury cats in the backyard.

As a child, I grew up around cats until my high school years. So living out in the country through my middle-grade years we always had a mama cat that would end up being pregnant. At one point I remember we had like 3 cats that were pregnant. I would get so excited and happy because I loved baby kittens. And each time the cat would have kittens not all of them would make it. And I would be the most affected by it because I was like the cat whisper growing up. I would go outside and talk to the cats if I was having a bad or if I was fighting with my brother and sister. So when a kitten would die or even an adult cat I would wander around the yard looking for two stick and then I would tie them together to make them look like a cross. And I would dig a hold in the pond that use to be a pond where cows use to drink and I would lay the kitten in a white cloth and lay a flower on top of it then put the cross in the ground and shove the dirt over it. And I would say rest in peace and that was it.

jixoqGa4T4# I had ear surgery at a very young age.

I can’t remember how old I was but I had ear surgery when I was a kid. I do remember laying on the table and there were doctors walking around the room and there was this big bright light above me and I did ask the doctor something and he said: “Ashley this gas is going to taste like bubble gum and it will knock you out.” And I just kept talking. I wouldn’t shut up and then before I knew it I was out. He was right. It probably knocked me out when I was still talking. After the surgery, I woke up in a bed out in the hallway and a nurse was standing there and I sat up and said: “Where’s my mom at.”

5# I’m obsessed with male lions & black cats.

I’ve always been fascinated with lions way back in 2008. I started to watch a tv show called Big Cat Diary and I fell in love with it. I watched that show every single day at 3:00 and I was so into and so attracted to all the lions that I remembered all their names. Before the person would say here comes Scar and golden mane I would say it first. My favorite lion on the show was Solo or Sala. That called him Solo because he was the only cub that was born. That cub was so much fun to watch and see him grow from a tiny little cub300-pound pound lion. Black cats. What do I say about black cats? Honestly, I can’t remember how I got into black cats. I guess from the tv shows and from the movies. I think black cats are very beautiful and good luck. Most people think they are bad luck with what they have seen and heard on tv or in a book. I have two black cats at home with me and they give me good luck all the time.

 C62DE8F7-F29D-4308-86B4-B9FA7A31DA55#6 In 2005 I wanted to be a singer like Hilary Duff.

That’s all I ever wanted to be because I looked up to Hilary Duff so much that I wanted to do everything that she was doing. I wanted to sing like her, I wanted to act like her. So I would write movie scripts and would write song lyrics. I was obsessed.

C62DE8F7-F29D-4308-86B4-B9FA7A31DA55 7# I started to write song lyrics in 2005 after listening to the album Most Wanted by Hilary Duff.

In 2005 Hilary Duff realised her Album Most Wanted. I bought the album and I was hooked right away. I started to write song lyrics from my childhood and who I was. I would write song after song after song nonstop. That album was the reason why I started to write song lyrics.

20375918_1072404052895319_8429661680138699850_n 8# I’ve written over at least 10 unpublished books.

I have a lot of novels that I’ve written after I graduated high school and they are still on my memory stick as we speak in the hopes of getting published someday. One of those books has been published which is called The Wish. And it’s on Amazon right now.

rangerheader.jpg 9# As a kid I watched Power Rangers w/ my brother.

I remember being very young and watching power rangers because that’s all I ever watched with my brother. I think we even bought the toys at some point, but if we did I don’t know what happened to them.

10# I watched Disney Channel from middle and high school.

I watched all the Disney channel tv shows that you could think of. The ones that I watched the most was Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven and Even Stevens. I was so obsessed with those tv shows that at night time I would get out of bed and go into the living room and watch as long as I could. If I heard somebody get up I would run back into my room and act like I was sleeping. It was crazy.

11# I use to draw when I was 11 years old in 5th grade.

When I was 11 all I ever did was draw. if you gave me a crayon and paper I would draw something. I loved to draw and I didn’t want to be or do anything else, but drawl. And one day I started to draw Disney characters. And I didn’t trace them or anything. And I took them to school and my classmates acused me of tracing them and I was so upset and sad that I was like “Whatever, I’m done” and I never drawed again. Heartbreaking. I know.

So, there you go. I hope you enjoyed reading the Fun Facts About me blog. Stay tuned in for another exciting blog by yours truly, Ashley Lovell.


The bridge of Lava

Writing the scene where my three characters have to cross a bridge of hot boiling lava is harder then I thought. LOL I need to have the lava be far away as possible like 100 meters down below like as deep as the grand canyon. Right? And last night when I was at the A&B Pub reading Balance Keepers Book one by Lindsay Cummings on my phone I had an idea of a decay woman walking toward Callie and Kelsie on the bridge or maybe I should save that for the next and final book. Or I can have it be the evil witch who finally found them and she has all the monsters try to attack and kill them. Or maybe the evil witch awoke her mom to go track down Callie and Kelsie. That’s a good idea. I have so many ideas to work with. It’s crazy.

Today I typed 1,226 words & 8 pages so far. I wrote the burnt land scene & I added a scene where Kelsie has a dream of the tunnel where skeleton’s are laying everywhere. She has another dream of lava.

Cave of Dangers.

After defeating the winter monsters The Witch Hunters seek shelter inside an ice crystal cave. When an avalanche breaks out, they or forced to run to the back. Now all of them including the banshee are trapped inside the cave. The only way out is forward. What dangers will they face in the depths of the tunnels that travel deep throughout the cave?

The Snowflake Method

Good day friends and happy late holidays.

Have any of you heard of The Snowflake Method?… I recently just discovered it because I was struggling to start writing my middle-grade sequel. I had an idea of where to go and what I wanted to happen, but I didn’t know how to write it all and if it was any good. All writers have that fear.

So I was online searching and looking for ways to start out that first chapter that will hock the reader. And as I’m doing my research I found this blog about The Snowflake Method. It sounded interesting and I clicked on the link and started reading.

So basically its very easy to follow.

Step 1:

Write one sentence about your novel. Don’t write any names of your characters. No town names. Just one sentence of your novel.

Step 2:

Once you have that one sentence then you expand it into one paragraph. Now you can add the main leader character. Who she is, what she does, where she lives. Give us a small backstory of who she is.

Step: 3

Now that we have a small paragraph, now you have to expand that into one whole page and while doing that. You add in the backstory of the character, what her goals are, what the stakes are. What is the world like. Write down everything you can think of. And with that, you have one whole page of your novel.

I thought this method was very helpful. I would use it again if I was struggling with a novel.