Newly Published Author.

I’m just a newly published author expressing her emotions and feelings 🙂 I am truly proud of myself for getting this far in my life. I’m still in shock that I published a book on my own. I started to believe in myself a lot more and started to stand up for myself back in 2015. It was a big change for me when I started living on my own and taking control of my life and who I was. And not letting people boss me around or tell me how I should live my life. Having a published book in my hands with my name and the title on it is truly rewarding to me because I’ve spent 9 years on this book and there were times where I did stop and give up then work on something else, but for some reason, I kept going back to it. In some way, it felt like it was calling for me to finish this book and to get it done. And so I did. I loved the support of my friends and family. They never failed me. They believed in me and said I can do it, don’t give up. You’re better than that. And I never gave up. I finished the book and got it published. 🙂



Yesterday was one of the best days of 2017. I had my book launch party for my novel The Wish. I was so happy and excited that I was finally a published author, something I’ve been wanting since I was 21 back in 2010 when I first started to write this novel.

I couldn’t believe I was standing there with my own book in my hands that took me 9 years to write with a proud author smile to a brand new book.


I was a proud author of a horror table. I loved everything that I set up and everybody else did too.


I loved my cake. It was flipping amazing. I loved it so much that I seriously didn’t want to eat it. I just wanted to keep it forever.




Candi’s Flower’s, Knoxville IA

9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Image 10-20-17 at 8.26 AM

Hello everybody! I’m excited to announce that I am having a book launch party for my novel The Wish. It’s the 1st in a 5 book series. I will be selling my novel for $15.00 a piece.

If you can’t make it to my party in the morning I will be at the Atlantic Pacific Pub from 4pm to 7pm.



Writing tip #1

Stay motivated to write.

There will be times that you just don’t have the energy or strength to write. And that’s okay. Don’t let it put you down or make you feel worthless. I’ve been through it plenty of times. If you don’t want to write or if you can’t, but you want to, just write down a few sentences or write an idea down. You should always write. Write every day. You don’t have to write all day and all night. if you do then you will be going through a lot of coffee to just stay awake. If you only have written 100 words or 3 pages. That’s good. That’s better than nothing. You should always have at least five minutes in your day to write down just a few words or a couple sentences.

Stay motivated. Stay positive. And Keep writing.