She’s the type of girl who wants to go somewhere and be somebody, she wants to explore places and discover new things.’ she’s that girl when nobody understands her, she’ll give them something to understand. And when nobody can’t figure her out, she’ll give them something to figure out. EBOOK OUT NOW! PAPERBACK COMING LATE OCTOBER


Do you see yourself sitting by the lake with a cup of tea and a good book in your hand, or maybe sitting on the bench overlooking the city lights? Or maybe even a walk through the wilderness with a book in your bag.

Is poetry something your interested in and want to give a try or is poetry your main read?

Coming Soon!

Since I had fun writing poetry and getting exploring all my feelings out into poetry style and not only that but also designing and creating all the covers. It was so much that I didn’t stop and wanted to continue on.

So here’s what’s been happening.

  • I’m releasing 3 more poetry books.
  • They will be here in the late Fall of 2021.
  • I’m also working on two brand new poetry ideas about my Christianity and religion, but this time I’m going to challenge myself and try a different style of poetry with these newer ones I just thought of recently.

but first coffee with Ashley

I’ve been doing a Tuesday coffee chat for just a couple months now and I was wondering what you, the viewer would love to watch or want to talk about. my chats usually run for about an hour and a half or a full hour. I am running out of ideas and thought you guys could give me ideas or fun things to do or talk about with. so feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box down below and I will read them as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. God bless!