Summer Ends, Fall Begins!

When summer ends you know you have to put away that bathing suit and flip flops. No more going to the beach and swimming. No more out door water parties.

The air is getting colder and the leaves are changing and falling. Break out your favorite sweatshirt and boots. Make that hot cup of coffee or tea or hot coco and sit by the fire with a good book in hand.

What are your plans for Autumn? Are you going to go to the farmers market and buy all the fruit and vegetables that you can and stock up? Or maybe go for a horse or bike ride on your favorite trail. Lots of people enjoy bike rides in the fall. Some people will decorate there porch and the inside of their house two or three weeks before. Walmart already has halloween stuff out and it’s not even Halloween yet.

Durning Autumn and Fall people will bake pumpkin pies and bread. Light a scent candle that smells like cinnamon and pumpkin. I love it when my apartment smells like Fall. What will you wear during the Fall. Sweatshirts, boots and scarfs. Thats one of my favorite parts of Fall. Wearing the sweatshirts and boots.

What movies will you watch during the fall? I love to watch scary movies because that’s close to Halloween. My favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus. I love everything about it. It’s very well done.

My plans for Fall is to be a published author. Read more and write more stories with fall or Halloween.


Hot days in September

September is about the colorful the leaves and nice weather and cool breeze. But that’s not happening. It’s been so hot this September. I thought it was going to be just a tad chilly and cold, but I didn’t think it would be so hot that you couldn’t get your breath. I haven’t even tried to go on a walk because by the time I leave my apartment and walk to the flower shop I’m sweaty and hot already.  Last September it wasn’t even hot, it was cold and chilly and there were a lot of colorful leaves. It’s only September 21st and most of the leaves are already brown and crunchy. It did rain this morning. The wind was blowing and there was thunder and lighting. It all woke me up around 5:00 so I stayed awake.

So, what do you do when there are hot days in September? Stay inside the cool air and read a book? Or maybe turn the T.V. on to your favorite T.V. show. Or sometimes people will scrapbook because they kept telling themselves it needs to be done. If I don’t do it now, it won’t ever get done. If it’s really out in September some people will go outside and do yard work or fix a motor or walk a dog. I’ve walked a dog in the heat and it was so hot that I gave up.

I don’t like heat. I hate it. Because when it’s hot outside I can’t go on walks or sit outside because I don’t want to sweat. I don’t like to sweat or being hot. I hate it. I like to be cool and feel good. During the summer, hot days, I stay inside most of the time.

So, hot days in September are no fun. During the Fall, I like to be outside and walk through the leaves and see all the bright colorful trees.

The thunder rolls, lighting flashes through the sky while rain pours down.

The sound of thunder can be heard for miles. The flash of lighting emerges through the creaks of the blinds into the room. Rain pours down the windows and pounds aginest the roof. We all can relat to that right?

I don’t mind the sound of thunder and seeing lighting crack across the sky. I like it. The rain… not so much. If I’m around other people I love watching the rian pour down in the streets. I love the view. If I was alone I wouldn’t be watching it. I would go out and walk in it. If it’s just a light rain then I’ll walk in it with my umbrella.

When you get woken up by the sound of thunder or the bright light of lighting, what do you do? Turn over toward the wall and cover your head? Do you get up and go to the bathroom? Does your dog or cat get scared that they come running into the bedroom and hide under the covers. I had my cat Spook do that. It was thundering and lighting at the same time and I woke up to her pushing herself underneath my pillow. I felt bad for her because she was scared and I never seen her that scared before.

Does your pets hate being home alone during a strom? Do they make the house a dissaster when you are away? I think most pet’s hate being home alone by themselves because they are lonely and have nobody to play with.

When the thunder gets louder do you get up and stand by the window and watch the storm go by? I have before. I’ve sen the ighting strike across the sky. I think that is cool. I felt the thunder rumble so hard, the floor shook. It almost felt like an earthquake.

Thunder and lighting dosen’t bother me at all. In fact I like to watch it.

A Fear that Consumes you to The Core

When we think about Fear, what fears you the most?

Is there a movie that you saw as a little kid that put the fear of God in you… it happened to me. I remember when I was in elementary. I watched the Jaws for the first time and I was so freaked out and scared to death that I wouldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom. For about a week I would lay a couple towels down and I wet the bed unpurpose. Yes, I know. It’s gross and disgusting and funny, but that’s how scared I was. I was so scared that I was afraid to see the dorsal fin come by the edge of the bed. That’s how scared I was. I wouldn’t even get up out of bed and walk t the door. I was afraid the shark would come up from behind and bite me on the back of the leg if I tried to get up.

As I got older, I wouldn’t wet the bed anymore. I didn’t even tell my mom or even my sister and brother. If they are reading this now they know. I would crawl to the edge of the bed and look around before getting up. I would leap from the bed to the other side of the door. The bathroom was right there, so I didn’t have to go far.

Another fear I have is drowning. I don’t know how to swim. I’ve had people try to teach me, but I would get so panicky and get so scared that I would drown and die, so I just stopped trying.

Another fear I have is being burned alive. I thank god I wasn’t a witch from Salem Massachusetts. I’m not scared of fire, but if my sleeve catches on fire or my jeans I would die of a heart attack.

So you see I even have fears.

What fears you the most?

  • Spiders: They can jump from the wall and land on you at any minute. And I hate to say it but they can crawl in your ear in the middle of the night. That’s creepy and scary.
  • Mice: They crawl everywhere and they hide. When you open the closet door, you see one in the back corner and you scream, running for the kitchen table.
  • Snakes: I’m a big scardey cat of snakes. If I saw one I would freak out and run as fast as I could because they slither fast. Even the little ones.
  • Movies: A lot of people in the world hate scary movies, but I love horror movies like Dead Silence, Annabelle, The Conjuring, Dark Water, It,  Mama, Silent Hill, The Tooth Fary. Horror movies are my thing. And the best part is that I write about it as well.

So I’m sure there are all kinds of things that scare you people throughout the world. But I’ve come to learn that it doesn’t have to be scary stuff to scare people. it could be a car crash, an airplane falling down and exploding on the ground, running for your life, being held at gunpoint, being shot or stabbed. All of those things are terrifying. Being scared comes in different forms.

The Five SENSES of a HAUNTED house?!

First off I just want to say if you are scared of knowing about ghosts and spirits or knowing the basics of how to know if your house is haunted, then I wouldn’t read this blog, it might freak you out or scare you!

Is your house HAUNTED?! I’m sure a lot of people have read hundreds and thousands of articles of famous haunted houses like The Villisca Axe Murder House, located in Villisca, Iowa. I’ve been there and nothing scary happened to me, but I did catch a lot of orbs in my photographs I had taken. Another famous haunted house is The Amityville Horror House. I’ve seen the movie and the remake. I thought they were both good. Another haunted house is Sally’s House. I have never been there, but I did watch an episode of it on the T.V. show The Haunting. Another haunted house that I found very interesting was A Haunting in Connecticut and I have it on DVD. I use to watch it all the time.

So yes, this blog is about the top signs that your house is haunted.

  1. Noises. What causes these noises? Footsteps, doors closing and opening. Faucets turning on and off. Voices from the deceased. Laughing, crying, screaming, loud voices, sounds of objects falling. How about noises in the attic like the sound of walking back and forth. Or noises in the basement. That’s creepy. Sounds of growls and snarling in the night knowing that you don’t have a pet in the house. Music playing from the other room, knowing that your t.v. and radio is off. Voces from EVP’s. Screams in the night.
  2. Sight. What do you see? Lights flicking on and off. Lights going out for no reason. Shadows in the hallway. Apparitions, shadows in the far corner of your room. Waking up to find somebody sitting in the rocking chair, rocking back and forth. Ghosts standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Ghosts standing by the window, sitting on the edge of the bed crying and sobbing. Pages being turned in a book. Little apparitions of kids running right in front of you. Hovering black mists above your bed. Evil spirits appearing before you with hate and evil in their eyes and the tone of their voices. Different types of demons. Animals behaving differently. Barking at empty corners in the rooms. Cats hissing at the air and running under the bed. Hiding. What do you see in photographs? Bright white orbs that can’t be missed. Red orbs that give you chills down the spine. How about White fog or mists, a dozen of orbs floating round in the backyard. Ghosts and spirits from the past showing themselfs to you. They might need help or want you out.
  3. Smell. What do you smell in a haunted house? How about Cigar smoke?… if you are all alone in your house and you get a whiff of cigar smoke then that means there’s is a ghost in the room. How about perfume or maybe cologne. If you don’t wear perfume and you smell it, then there is a ghost in the room. If a person wore perfume all the time when they were alive they will make it appear after their death.
  4. Taste. I haven’t read very many things about taste in a haunted house. I guess if a ghost use to smoke or wear perfume when they were alive and they still do that after their death then you’ll probably taste it in your mouth.
  5. Feel. What do you feel? Cold spots, hot spots, cold breezes trailing by you when it’s 100 degrees outside. Breathing on the back of your neck or tapped on the shoulder. Being touched by cold fingers and knowing that you are home alone. Being pushed or shoved down the staircase or in any room of the house.

So I believe these are signs that your house is haunted. If your house is haunted I would buy some smudge sticks or call a preacher. If my apartment was haunted I would do these things too. But don’t be afraid because bad and evil ghosts will feed off your fear. I learned that from watching tv shows and reading about them in blogs.

A Thick Fog emerges in The Morning.


Fog. Some people may see it as mist, smog, murk, haze or just plain smoke. It can remind you of many things, like the novel The Mist by Stephan King. I sometimes think mist and fog look the same things. They both remain above ground and they are the same color. People can sometimes get confused by the appearance.

When you step outside, what is the first thing that you catch? I feel the coldness and the dampness on the ground and the sidewalks. I see wet leaves stuck to the pavement. As cars drive by I notice water droplet’s on the front hood and the window sheld. There isn’t a breeze. Just the cold lingering in the air. I smell the aftermath of the rain. I smell wet earth and the trees in the back. I didn’t know it smelled that good. I hear the birds flying around and chirping. The sun isn’t out just yet.

If you go walking in the fog you might want to take a flashlight or something bright so people can see you when you’re walking. I wouldn’t go walking in the thick fog because people wouldn’t be able to see me and I could get hit or killed. if you do go walk, stay on the sidewalks and do not cross the roads, if you do just listen for the sounds of cars and keep a lookout for head lights.

What does fog in the morning make you do? I make a cup of coffee and put on socks, sweatshirt, and sweatpants because it can get cold till the sun comes out. If it’s cold then you might turn the heater on in the living room like I do or maybe light a candle so the scent can relax you. Wrap yourself up in your favorite cozy blanket by the fireplace. Grab a good book to read that you can’t put down till the very end.Maybe you like fog, so you sit out on your patio with a hot cup of coffee and watch cars drive by. Squirrel’s running down the sidewalks with a nut in their mouth. They scurry up the tree to get away from dogs and other animals. Maybe you like fog, so you sit out on your patio with a hot cup of coffee and watch cars drive by.

Maybe you like fog, so you sit out on your patio with a hot cup of coffee and watch cars drive by. Squirrel’s running down the sidewalks with a nut in their mouth. They scurry up the tree to get away from dogs and other animals.

Another reason why you like fog and the cold is that maybe you get to wear your favorite sweatshirts and cozy boots. That’s what I love. I haven’t worn any of my favorite sweatshirts just yet or any boots because I walk every day and I can’t wear long sleeves because I will get hot and sweaty. So I have to wear a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers.

Wherever you are and it’s a foggy cold day, wear your favorite sweatshirt and boots. It don’t hurt to walk in style.