Writing Projects!

A Black Cat story Collection

For the past few month’s I have been busy with other writing projects. Such as The Black Cat Story collection. Since I have the love for black cats and I adore them more than most people I decided to create a short story collection of black cat stories. Some are positive and others are scary with witches and dark shadows. Those are the ones I like the most.

A Dead Bride story Collection

My other writing projects is A Dead Bride story collection. The idea for this project was for Halloween I was a dead bride. I went to goodwill and bought a wedding dress and covered it in vampire blood. And I loved that costume so much that I decided to write a short story to it and then it became more than just one short story. I thought of other Dead bride short stories. And I also decided to create dead bride book covers for the stories so one of my friends will take pictures of me wearing the costume out in the woods or by the lake. When the weather gets nice enough, we will do that. I’m excited for that.

A Villisca Story

I also thought of the idea to write about my Villisca Ax Murder House experience, but I don’t remember how I was feeling or what happened. I remember things through the pictures I took. My favorite two pictures that I took was upstairs in the kid’s bedroom. I caught a couple big white orbs above the crib.

So the idea I thought about doing was have 4 or 5 teenagers discuss where they want to go for hallowen and they all decide to go to the Villsca ax murder house and in the book I thought about showing a few of my pictures in each chapter that I took when I was there. I thought that would be a good idea. I really like that idea a lot. I did write a few things in the story already. I do remember I fell down the staircase at my mom’s home and I hurt my tail bone. One of my friends joked to leave an ax in the front seat to scare me. So I think I will put things in the story that really did happen, but I’ll make up the scary stuff that will happen to the characters. Nothing scary happened when I was there. I didn’t see any ghosts or felt anything. I only caught orbs in pictures. That’s it.