What to journal about and why?

When it comes to journaling it can help you get through the day or the week. If you have a lot on your mind or your feeling overwhelmed and you feel the need to not tell anybody because you’re afraid what they will say, you can always write it down in a journal to get the stress and pressure off your shoulders. I use to write in a notebook since I moved into my new apartment and I loved it because I would always go back and through look it and see what I did that week and what I was going through and it helped me with all my emotions and it got me through the day. Well then I kept forgetting to write in it every day and I would let 2 or 3 days go by and I would slack and then it would be weeks and months and I finally gave up because I couldn’t keep up with it. So that’s my story.


Most writers do journal daily. Sometimes they journal once a week or every two weeks. I use to journal every single day at the end of the day then I put a movie in. Here are a few tips on what you should write about and why?

  1. Emotion: If you are an emotional person and have a lot going on in your life and you’re not ready to talk about it with people. It’s okay. I would have a lot going on and I would sit in my rocking chair and think about it for hours. then I would get overwhelming and I try to calm my breathing down and relax. if I couldn’t then I would leave and go for a long walk to get my mind off it and I would visit friends and family. If you are like that. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed or stressed out. I get it sometimes. So if you like to journal, you can write it all down in a notebook. And another thing that I use to do when I did journal was to write down the month, day and year. I still do that when I write book ideas down or a short story.
  2. Everyday life: Writing about your everyday life can help you get through the day or the week. When I journaled I would write down what I did in the morning, what I ate, what I did. How many words I wrote. What I ate for lunch, how many steps I walked. I wrote it all down. After you write down what you did that day you can also write down how you feel about it. Do you feel accomplished and at ease because you walked and you felt better about yourself. You can award yourself with pizza or a movie night, or just relax and read a good book. I always awarded myself a new notebook or a movie.
  3. Current work: I loved to write down what I was currently working on because people would ask me about it if they didn’t see me last week or the week before. So I would always go back and look at how many words I use to type or where I got my ideas down. I always loved to go back and look at what I wrote. it always uses to put a smile on my face.
  4. What do you want to achieve?:  If you have hopes and goals in life it could help you to write them down because you can always go back and read it and it will give you hope to achieve it. I use to write about what I wanted and why. Like to finish a book or how many steps I needed to walk.
  5. What are your favorite movies, books or music?: If you are in school or college you can write down what your favorites are and why you enjoy them. I do remember when I would read a book I wrote down what I loved and didn’t like about it. When someone reads a book it can help them write better. Every time I read a book it always helps me write better. I just finished reading a book called Wait til Helen’s comes. I loved that book because of the writing style. The only thing I didn’t about was all the kids were fighting and the arguing. That’s it. It was a good read and now I can tell that my own writing has improved.
  6. What hopes and joys do you have?: Writing down all your hopes and joys can improve your writing. I remember writing down what made me happy or frustrated and later on, if I was struggling with a scene I would look back at how I felt and I would put it into the character’s backstory then change it up. I always use to do that. If you are not a writer you can still write down all your hopes and joys in your life. Since I’ve become an author I use to write down the joys of being a published author on my blog site a lot. And express how I felt and that I couldn’t believe I had a book out there with my name on it.
  7. Places you visited or would love to visit: Now I have to say writing about the places you have been can absolutely help you write because you’ve been there. You saw the buildings and the mountains. You smelled their food. And you heard the sound of the city. While your there you could take pictures you help you with a scene. I have a three book series about a girl and a lion in Africa. I would love to go to Africa, but I don’t want to get a shot or get a disease. I watched videos and read about the culture. That’s as close as I will get. Or I go to the zoo and watch the lions. 🙂 That makes me happy.
  8. Write down your prayers: I never wrote down my prayers before. I never even prayed before. I never went to church until the winter of 2017 I think and now I pray a lot. And I do go to church. Sometimes when I pray I get really into it and later I’m like how did I say that. So I think about it and I can’t remember it word for word. So if you go to church and you love to pray. You can always write down what you pray about and then you can express your feeling toward it and write about it.
  9. Ask yourself a question. If you can’t think of anything to write about then just ask yourself a question and write a one-word answer then express how you feel about it. For example (What do you like to do on the weekends. Sleep, Read, watched movies. Play with kitty) After you write your answer down, now you can give a bigger answer to why you chose that answer. When you do this you will learn a lot about yourself if you are in middle school.
  10. What do you dream about?: Writing down your dreams would be a great thing for yourself to heal. If you have embarrassing dreams and you don’t want people to know about them you don’t have to write them down. Nobody forces you, but you. If you want to you can write it in a separate journal and keep it behind a locked door. If you have exciting dreams or sad dreams, you can write them down and then write down how you feel about it. Why did I have this dream, where do I think it came from. Ask yourself about the dream and write it down. Or just write it down for fun.
  11. Write yourself a letter: Its always a good thing to write yourself a letter. This doesn’t mean people have to look at it and judge. it’s just for your eyes to see. But if its a good letter and if you want other people to read it then that is up to you. If you’re going through something or if you have hate against someone and you can’t tell them how you really feel, then you can write it down and then shred it or keep it.

Hope this helped and I hope you all have a good weekend. And good luck with what you do! God bless 🙂

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