The Promote Style


When it comes to promoting your books that you worked on for a long time there are many ways to promote it. Here’s what I do to grab people’s attention to get them interested.

  1. Social Media.
  2. Book signing
  3. Writer’s conference’s
  4. Book fairs
  5. School visit

The list could go on and on. Here’s what I love to do the most to grab people’s attention. I see it on Instagram the most.

Displaying your book.

This was Halloween last month 2018. If your books are scary like mine this would be a great way to display them and to promote it on your facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Here’s a few more.

If you’re having a book signing in the Fall and you have printed copy’s already here’s the chance to display it a week before to get people’s attention. That’s what I did. A week before my book signing I took a copy to work with me and I went outside and found real leaves to place around the book and people loved it.

Another way to promote your book if you’re not shy in front of the camera why not pose with your book.


I think it’s always fun to pose with the dream and all the hard work that you finally published all by yourself.

Just for fun here’s some more. 🙂


While you post these for people to see you can also have a hashtag behind it. Here are some that I use that others use as well.

  • #writer
  • #author
  • #amwriter
  • #amauthor
  • #bookseries
  • #youngadultauthor
  • #ya

And these are mine that I created when I first published my book The Wish.

  • #ashleylovellbooks
  • #thewishbookone
  • #thekeeperofsoulsseries
  • #horrorwiter

The list goes on and on. So don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to promote your book.

I hope this helped. Have a good day. God bless! 🙂

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