The Meal Prep

Hello Bloggers, thanks for stopping by. Today’s topic is how to meal prep.

I never meal prepped before. I never even heard of it. I didn’t even know it existed. When I first moved into my apartment I didn’t know how to grocery shop. So when I went to the store I had no idea what I needed, I would just go down each aisle and if I saw something that would look good I would just grab it and not even look at the price. And that bad part was I would walk out of the store with a big long recipe. I think I use to spend over $400 or $500. That’s how bad it was. I didn’t know at first that’s where all my money was going. No wonder I had no extra money to do anything. I wasn’t managing my money right.

So another bad thing I use to do was if I had money on my card I would just go and spend it because it was there. But a good friend once told me “You Ashley, just because you have money on your card doesn’t mean you have to spend it.” Ever since she had told me that it’s stuck with me ever since. And she was right. So I’m learning to not spend so much money.

Another good friend had told me about meal prep. I had no idea what she was talking about. So she showed me a video and it was understanding and it was incredible how much money these people had saved. It was mind-blowing.

My first meal prep trip was in Des Moines, Iowa at a Wal-Mart. I was nervous and overwhelmed because this was my first time and I was scared I wasn’t going to have any money left after I walked out of the store.

I do remember getting food for at least two weeks. And I saved $200 or $300. And I was like wow. that’s incredible.

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