Hello fellow readers!

   I’m the author of The Wish and Awakened Evil in The Keeper of Souls Series.

   I would love to come by and talk to your students about my journey and tell you my story of how I started to write. I would love to meet your students and hear about their writing journeys. If you have a library in the area I can come and visit and talk about my book and what inspired me to write it.

   I can talk about the following options below.

  • My childhood and the person I became – I can talk about my life living out in the country and why I loved it so much as a kid.
  • My first short story – I would love to share my story about the VERY first story I had written back in 2004.
  • My Writing Process – Sharing my writing process and the structure of writing a book is something I am willing to talk about.
  • The ups and downs of rejections – As a writer, you have to learn to take rejections and fail to become a better writer. I learned that through the years.
  • The Self-Publishing Process – I also would like to talk about my self-publishing journey as well. There are ways to publish a book and I did it through Amazon Direct Publishing.
  • Character Development – I highly recommend talking about character’s in a book because that’s what drives the story.


   My Young Adult novel’s The Wish and Awakened Evil aims towards high schoolers ages 14 and up. I’ve had younger readers ages 12 and up tell me they would read it. Students from the 7th grade said to me “You remind me a lot of J.K Rowling and Stephen King.” I can do a school visit for the whole day or just half a day. I’m available anytime. I can also talk about what your wants and needs as well as a teacher or Librarian. Another note, I’ve done Writer Conferences in Montezuma, Iowa. Their page: Our Front Porch Books. I’ve also done a school visit to The Knoxville Middle School. I’ve done a book signing at Beaverdale Books, Des Moines, Iowa. I’m also interested to visit a Book Club or a Library Group visit.

  • My Background – I was born in Pella, Iowa and raised in Knoxville, Iowa. I went to Knoxville West Elementary, Knoxville Middle School and High School. I graduated from High School in 2007 and self-published The Wish in November of 2017. I also attend The Marion Country Writer’s Group Workshop every Thursday night, it starts at 6:30 pm. There’s a Facebook Fan page for it as well.

If you have any questions you can contact me on Facebook: Ashley Lovell Author or you can e-mail me at

God Bless and have a great day!

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