Realistic and Relatable Characters

Writing 101: Characters

When it comes to writing a story there’s a lot of importance that comes with it. There’s a lot to do with writing a story, like developing the characters (give them a name, are they a boy or a girl, what age are they, their height/weight, hair/eye color, do they have marker/scars from their childhood and what does it mean to them, how do they dress etc.)

In this blog, I wanted to talk about how to write Realistic and Reliable Characters. In my sequel to The Wish, I’ve noticed that when I wrote the story I was drawn to mostly my characters and their back stories.

Realistic. How do you make a realistic character?

Showen, up above there’s a lot you need to develop in your characters. When it comes to people in story’s their name and backstory’s will be important. When I write my backstory’s I always think of something from my childhood and add it to the character. That’s how I can relate to the characters. It’s always fun to revisit your childhood and make something good out of it. You can also give them hair color and eye color. What about scares. If you give your characters scars and have them talk about it, it will show what kind of person they are and why its important to them. That’s another way to make them realistic.

Relatable. How to write a relatable character?

As I already said before writing a relatable character needs a backstory. You need to give them fear (what makes them scared or what are they afraid of?) If you add that it will drive the story well. What are their flaws? (struggles with acne, scars, and marks, behavior problems etc.)  The way I write my characters I give them something from me as a person and something from my childhood so I can relate with them. It’s easier for me to do it that way.

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