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Hello friends, thank you for stopping by to read my blog. It’s winter down here in Knoxville, Iowa and my oh my it’s freezing out. Yesterday wasn’t so bad. It was 40 something out and all the snow was melting when I was leaving church. And I thought wow, it’s so nice out why not go for a walk. Well, that didn’t happen because I went home, ate lunch and I cleaned up my living room while my computer updated.

So today’s topic. Planing the weekdays as a writer.

Before we start I just want to say this is my first time to plan my week out. I don’t really use a planner to write everything day because I remember all of it. But it’s like the older I get the more I forget to do things. And I’ve been having anxiety and a friend from church said: “Why don’t you write down everything on a piece of paper then you won’t feel so overwhelmed.” And at first, I was like “That’s a good idea. I didn’t think of that.” So last night I wrote a to-do list and I felt a lot better because it wasn’t weighing heavily on my mind. And I’m sure us writers have a to-do list. And there’s nothing wrong with that. So let’s get started.

When you want to plan your weeks out to make it easier on you I would suggest to go out and buy a planner. There are many types of planners out there. They have small ones and big ones. They have ones with designer covers. And some of them have stickers in the back. I like the ones with stickers. You can buy planners at Wal-mart, OfficeMax. Barnes&Noble and etc.

Here’s what my planner looks like. I bought it at Wal-mart.


The only reason why I bought this planner was that I had a lot going on in October 2018. I had a bookstore visit and a book signing during that same week. And I had a school visit. So I knew I had to write them down. I normally put it in my phone so help me remember. And I love cats and own two of them.

Once you have your planner you are set to start planning. before I write in my planner I always write a list of things I have to. Like here.


As you can see I’ve already made my list for the week. And you can also write the day beside it. The first two at the list. Go to the bank. I wrote W for Wednesday. The next one below it F for Friday. And then T for Tuesday. Donate a book to the little library.

Once you get the whole week done then you can start by writing down in each of the days what you have on your list.


As you can see I already had written stuff down. And by the way, this was last month. I had to take Spook to the vet on Monday the 5th. The next day was the school visit. And that same week was my book signing at the public library.

As you are filling in the days in your planner don’t make it stressful or hard on yourself. Make it fun and entertaining for yourself. Meaning you can decorate your planner and when you go back to look at what you need to do all the stickers and decorating should give you hopes and make you feel happy that you did all that.

Here’s what my October 2018 looked like. It wasn’t decorated or fun to look at it. At the time I had so much going on that I just needed to write it down to get it off my shoulders.


Here are some stickers I had found with my scrapbooking. As you can tell I’ve used them already. Years ago I use to scrapbook. I loved to decorate all the pictures I had. But then I got bored of doing it and I moved on with something else. And for years and after moving into my first apartment I had all this scrapbook stuff and it set up in my closet for three years straight and then I gave it all to my sister, but I kept some of it because I love stickers.


So what you can do at the top of the planner you can change the weekdays to something else if you don’t like the font or the size. I like mine so I’m going to keep it that way. Now the fun part starts. You can start by picking out any stickers that you want and put one at a time on the days. Like this down below.

537eea5c-cb89-4aff-b4cb-910b005c99f9.jpg 4BFC3CD4-2ABA-4E5B-9870-3CEA83F56D55

Now it’s not the best looking thing, but I tried. Rushing isn’t a good thing. I could have made it better. On Tuesday the 20th is my stepdads birthday. I did yellow because I was thinking of his favorite flower and that is a yellow rose. I also need to donate a book to the other little library out by the park. On the 21st I need to go to the bank and on Friday the 23rd is black Friday. That’s why I did all black because of Black Friday. So I’m learning as I’m planning. if you can think of what you should do for the other weeks make another list and start decorating.

Hopefully, as I do this I can learn to make them more nice and neat. So next time I will do a lot better. If you are new to this, we are both learning along the way. I hope this helped and I hope you have a good week. God bless.


A reminder. My book The Wish is available on Amazon Kindle for $5.99 and the print copy is $15.00.

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