I’m sure we all have writing buddy’s in the house hold somewhere. Maybe she or he is spread out on the bed, laying on your favorite notebook, maybe in the middle of the floor where you have to step over them or laying in the back yard in the shade under a tree. Under the desk, keeping your feet warm so you don’t have to wear socks in the winter time. On your lap, watching your fingers type, batting at your hand or the keys, wanting to get a word in their self. Or maybe your writing buddy is on the back of your chair watching you, making sure that you keep writing so you can finish that novel you have been working on for so long and sell millions of books and take that nice relaxing vacation you have been dreaming about.

   Sitting in the warm sand, writing by the rushing water, watching the waves crash, feeling that nice breeze swipe across yourself, no distractions around you. Just you, the laptop and the ocean ahead of you.

   I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for that vacation someday soon.

   I’ve always wanted to create a hash tag, but couldn’t think of a good name for it. Every time I thought of a name it was already taken or it just wasn’t good enough. But now I think and I hope I have a good one. Let’s start something new together and use this hash tag #writerspromotingbuddy. You can tweet it, Instagram it and Facebook it like I have down below.

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Let’s all spread the news about The Spirit Keeper World. Are you with me?