I’m so excited to do a LIVESTREAM on my YouTube Channel Life with Ashley-Bell. This is my 1st one I’ve done just on my channel.
As some of you know that are following me, I finished my The Keeper of Souls Series. And now I’m working on a brand new series for Middle Graders. It’s a fantasy adventure series about a girl that is chosen to be the next guardian. And along the way new characters emerge.

I hope you all can save the date for April 22nd at 3:30 p.m. and join me LIVE.

Hello everybody. I’m so glad to be back. I need a break from filming and now I’m ready to video again and I have so many ideas I want to film to share with you all. In this video I’m going to share my Summer Plans and goals for this year. I really hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment down below and tell me yours. God bless and stay safe!

Be sure to check out all 5 copies of my books. You can order them on Amazon.com in print and ebook. Or you can buy a signed copy from me with shipping and handling.

Hello, everyone I’m so glad to announce that I am doing a LIVE reading on Thursday, April 22nd at 3:30 p.m. on my YouTube channel Life with Ashley Bell. And I’m also doing my book cover REVEAL for Guardian. I had a lot of fun designing it. So I hope you all can join me for my first LIVE reading at 3:30 p.m. And don’t worry, if you missed it that’s okay, it will be on my channel.

So… here’s two of my poetry books I’m working on. Hopefully coming out sometime later this year. They’re about my faith and how my life changed since I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I’m so excited to get them finished and out into the world.

Farmers Market 2021

Hello everyone thank you so much for clicking on my newsletter. I’m so sorry I haven’t send any lately. I hope you all are doing well and keeping safe.

Some of you that are following me on social media, might know that I have started a YouTube channel (Life with Ashley-Bell) I stared this Summer of 2020. And I’m loving it. SO heads over to YouTube and click on Subscribe and enjoy my videos. My channel is mostly about writing books and I do some cleaning videos as well.

Right now I’m doing The Trixie Creative writing Sessions where I document all my process. 

The other announcement I want you all know is that I’m attending Farmers Market again this year.

I’m excited to attend for a 2nd round. It will be held on the Square by the court house. Venders will be set up in parking spaces. If you would like more information and whose maddening you can go to the facebook websitehttps://www.facebook.com/knoxvillefarmersmarket OR you can e-mail us at rjkjunk@hotmail.com

Farmers Market will be held every Tuesday and Saturday of May, June, July, August, September and October of this year. The last day is October, 2nd.

We hope you can make it and buy some produce, crafts to enjoy and interesting books to read and more.

If you are staying for a long week and weekend there’s a great hotel out by the highway called Cobblestone Hotel & Suites. Great place to be and amazing service.

Also if you’re out of town and want to shop at the Farmers Market, on the square there are other amazing businesses you must check out from antic furniture to gifts and flowers.

1st draft of middle grade novel is almost complete.

The 1st draft for my next big series is almost complete. 9 chapters left and it’s exciting. My main character Trixie has found the tunnel to another realm and she has to get to the item before Elias and Drystan does. This story makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland meets Fantasia.

I’m excited to get this novella through all the editing phases and proofreading and then get it into the hands of many middle graders.

Coming Spring 2021

The Next big series coming SOON!

A brand new series with magic and adventure. New characters to relate with and a ring that has powers.

A big adventure with 13-year-old Trixie McPalmer awaits at your fingertips.



   Moving into a new house is supposed to be a fresh start and make new memories.
   13-year-old Trixie McPalmer has mixed feelings about the new house.
   What she didn’t know was that the basement had its own story to tell. Something magical and mysterious dawdled deep in the rabbit hole.