Author At Farmers Market

Author at Farmer’s Market Tips + Advice + Wicked Curse News!

  1. Table and chair – Make sure you have a table and a chair. You’re probably saying to yourself (well dah Ashley of course you have to have a table.) Yes I know, I’m just saying this because when you attend events you might be by yourself and you have to haul the stuff with no help. Like when I did the Farmers Markets I made sure I had a light weight table. It was a black card table that a friend gave me years ago. I’ve been using it ever since. Easy to set up and take down. Now if you are with another person that can help you carry things, that’s awesome. You’re lucky.
  2. Canape (if needed) – Having a canape is a good thing. But I really hate those damn things. They are really hard to put up when you’re struggling. Believe me. Even two people putting it up is hard. And they are heavy. When I was attending the farmers market I had to carry one thing at a time. Canape’s give shade and they keep things from falling on your table. When I first started the Farmers Market I didn’t have a canape because I didn’t have the money until that day I made $40 and I went to Wal-Mart and bought one. And if you can’t get it up on your own, just ask for help. I didn’t at first because I was trying to do it on my own and I was being stubborn with myself. Asking for help isn’t a bad thing.
  3. Dolly with wheels – Please bring a dolly if you have one. It makes your life so much easier, trust me. You can pack all your stuff on the damn thing and just roll it over to your spot. I did have a little cart that I did set my books in and the damn wheel fell off. I’m like are you kidding me right now. Seriously. Out of all the days in the week it had to be this day with people around. So now it’s just sitting in my closet. I did get the wheel back on and I had to wire it on so it wouldn’t fall off again.
  4. Food/snacks to munch on – I have to tell you this story. It was on a Tuesday during the Farmers Market and it was like 80 to 90 degrees out. I had my canapé up and I was under a tree. But the sun had to move around in front of me. I was starting to get really hot and my mouth was dry and I ended up drinking all my water that I had. So toward the end of the event I was packing up my books and table coverings and I started to get light headed. You know, where you see black spots and you start to see the ground move in front of you and your vision is out of focus and then your stomach hurts so bad that you have to throw up. And then you’re sweating all over and you’re trying to keep your balance so you don’t fall and don’t look like an idiot…. Have you ever had a moment like that? I had that moment. That’s called Dehydration. So continuing on with my story, after I got my little cart over to my apartment I pushed it out of the way and I yanked the chain out of the wall and I’m telling you people, I could not get up that damn staircase fast enough. My whole body was screaming in pain so bad that my legs were aching and I felt like I was going to pass out. When I finally got up to my apartment I went into the living room and I collapsed on the couch. And the way I was laying on the couch, I looked like a murdered victim. I just laid there and didn’t move. My head pounded so hard I ended up with a head ache for the rest of the night until I fell asleep that night. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t even swallow because I had no spit. I know that sounds so gross, I’m sorry, but it is what is it. After a few minutes I felt a little better so I got up and I drank a whole water bottle. I went back outside and the last thing I had with that damn long white heavy table that a friend loaned me and one of the people that were there selling watermelon came over and said are you okay and I said yeah I guess, I’m just dehydrated is all. So he gave me one of his watermelons that was cut in half and wrapped in a sack and he was kind enough to bring it over to my apartment for me. After I took my table over to my apartment I laid on the couch again, still feeling that worst, I was breathing heavy and felt like I needed to throw up and everything. After I went down stairs and got the watermelon I went back upstairs and I don’t want to be weird or awkward, but I took all my clothes off, but my bra and panties and I laid on my bed in front of my van. The cool air from the van felt good and it calmed me down. And of course Batman and Spook were sitting in the doorway, staring at me like mom what’s wrong? Anyways that’s my story. So my tip is to bring plenty of water with you and something to snack on or of the event you are attending is close by a restaurant or coffee shop, then go ahead and get something to eat. The Farmers market in my town was beside the court house on the square and all the restaurants and coffee shop were on the square, including my apartment.
  5. Bug spray – I really do have respect for ALL animals in the world. I really do, I love animals more than anything. Bug when it’s 80 or 90 degrees outside and you see bees and wasps flying close by and you don’t have any bug spray… what do you do? So here’s any other story to tell you that I learned from. It happened on a Tuesday, I was sitting outside with my Wicked Curse book. I have two chapters left to read and this wasp kept flying around me and I wasn’t scared of it and I wasn’t having at it, to get it to go away. It would land on my hand or on my leg then it would fly off. So around 5:00 p.m. I felt something land on my under arm above my elbow and before I realized what it was the damn thing stung me. Yeah, it was the wasp. I shook my arm in a panic and I could still feel the stinger in my skin. It started to burn really bad and I whacked it off. The stinger was stuck in my arm so I had to pull it out. The spot turned red and it was stinging and I kept itching it and then my arm started to get numb and sore. And I was like go God, why can’t I move my arm. So I called a friend and she brought a bag of ice of to me and once I put the ice on it with in a short moment the swelling started to go down. So in the heat of the summer with bugs flying around and ants crawling on the ground, make sure you have bug spray to keep them away. Don’t forget the bug spray, please, I wouldn’t want you to get stung like I did.
  6. Bring a book or a note pad to write on (if it’s slow) – During events I’ve noticed sometimes it will be fast with crowds of people and other times it will be slow with a few people showing up from time to time. When that happens you can bring a book to read. I have seen other venders read a magazines or a book or even read on their phones. I took Wicked Curse with me and read it while I edited it. I also had my phone to type on if I forgot my notebook.
  7. Change – Don’t forget to have cash in a money bag. Some people that will buy your book make not have the full amount and may give you more for change. So my book The Wish is $15.00. Most of the time people will give me a twenty and then I’ll give them a 5 dollar bill back. Now for both my books The Wish and Awakened Evil is $30 even. Some people will give me $40 and I’ll give them back $10. So just make sure you have enough change to give back. And if you are low on money and don’t have enough to give back, just ask one of the venues for change of what you have. I’ve seen that a couple of times. My advice is if your bank is down the street or across the side walk I would go over there before the event starts and get change. I’ve seen vendors ask others to watch their table so they could go get more money. My bank was across the street from me, so it was a short walk across the street.
  8. Have enough books – Make sure you have plenty of books stocked up. If I were you I would order some 4 or 5 weeks before or even 2 weeks before so you know you have them.
  9. Check the weather – When you attend any event like Farmers Market or just even a book signing you need to make sure what the weather will be like. Even if you are having a book singing inside. If you are going to be carrying things and taking a dolly with you and it’s going to rain, you need to cover it with a tarp to your books don’t get wet. Or you can even put your books in a tote with a lid. That’s what I did. In September when I did Farmers Market on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s I checked to see how hot or cool it would be. On Saturday the 19th, it was 40 or 50 degrees outside and I was so cold I went back to my apartment and got a heavy duty blanket and gloves.
  10.  Signs – Make sure you have signs like local author or Author. Whatever genre you write you can have a banner or a large chalk board stand that folds that can say Romance Writer, Si-fy Writer or your full name. I didn’t have a sign board, but I did have big posters of my book covers. That did draw attention. So you can have posters of your books if you don’t have banners yet. Another thing that you can do is if you have a family member like your mom or grandma you can have her stich your name on a table cover. I have a friend that has a business called Walnut Hill Designs and she has sewing machines that stich for her on t-shirts and coats. She also has another machine that does lamination with words and deigns. I thought about having her do the words on a table cloth Ashley Lovell Author. Deigning your own table cloth can help you save money. So just keep saving money up for them.

Now that I gave you all my tips and tricks and advice that I would think of, now I can give you a Wicked Curse announce meant. Wicked Curse the 3rd novel in The Keeper Of Souls Series will be available in only eBook on Monday, September 28th. I’m really really excited for you all to read it. I really hope you enjoyed this blog and learned a thing or two.

Stay safe and God bless!

See you in my next blog, bye!