Mystical is live in Kindle on

Here it is everybody, what you’ve been waiting for. The Kindle edition of Mystical is live now. Here’s the link below.…/dp/B08KFJ8WHG/ref=sr_1_9… Don’t forget to check out the 1st 3 novels in The Keeper Of Souls Series and read how it all started.

It’s a NEW YEAR, a NEW START and a New ME! I’ve been wanting to announce something that I wanted to take my time with and see how it went and I’m actually having fun with it and I hope you can support me through it. So yeah, did you know I have a YouTube channel now called (Life With Ashley-Bell)I hope you can come along with me and see how my writing/author journey goes and in hopes that my writing tips can help aspiring writers following that dream they’ve help back for too long now. It’s time to let the past go and jump in the new year with new beginnings and a fresh new start.Check out my first Vlog here.

There are many changes that are happening in my life right now and I’m so excited and blessed. Prayers are powerful and people should pray more. And trust me things will start to happen. It worked for me.

The Trixie diary Creative Writing Session

Hello every one and God bless where ever you are in the world. I hope you are staying safe and healthy as we speak. I know this year has been hard on all of us and including me.

Each week I have been working on the Trixie series and have been recording it, so you can come along with me and see my process. I’ve been home most of the weeks and thought to myself, I need to get out of here and go somewhere to write. So I decided to go to the library that was right behind my apartment. On Tuesday I was there from 11 something to 1 I think and I ended up writing almost 2,000 words and then the next day I only got 600 some words in and in a way I was okay with it.

So I hope you enjoy my library writing session and I hope you get some words down as well. Keep up the good work, you got this and God bless to you all and of course Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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The Trixie Diaries Creative Writing Sessions

Hey everybody, it’s NaNo Writing Month. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe in this crazy world. Don’t let it bring you down. Keep up the good work and keep going forward.

For the past couple months I’ve been working on a 4 book MG series (Middle Grade) and I’ve be filming it and having a lot of fun writing the 1st book. You can find this video on my youtube channel called Life With Ashley-Bell. I’m new to the whole youtube thing. So I try to film as much as I can. I don’t film every single day. But lately I have been filming more than I normally would because I’m doing this Trixie Diaries series.

I have week 1 and week 2 uploaded. So go ahead, stop by Youtube, type in Life With Ashley-Bell and watch my writing creativity for The Sword Of Realms Series in action.

So its

What do you do? Here are a few ideas I found online.

Message/comment the author, a kind message.

Buy a book and tell them what you like about it. Pick out your favorite book and cozy up with your favorite hot drink.

Tell them (thank you for your creative art.)

Tag them in a post with a hashtag or their name.


As you all know I have finished writing The Keeper of Souls series. I only have Mystical, the last novel in the series left to send off to my editor sooner, then I realized. 🙂 I can’t wait to get it out there for you all to read. CAN I GET A HURRAY!

Mystical, Coming December 2020!

Now, these days I’m working on a Fantasy Middle-Grade series. I will reveal the title and series name as soon as I get the pre-order out for Mystical. So here’s a little update for the 1st novel in the Middle-Grade series. Word count: 30,802Pages: 203 Chapters: 57

I can’t believe I’m already at 30,00 some words. I’m havin too much fun with this book.