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Fall decor for the home.

Are you looking forward to Fall? Or not. When it’s Fall you know what that means, time to decorate your home.

There are so many things you can do to decorate your home that you’ll have in the process of doing it.

Which room do you want to start with? Maybe the kitchen. Is that the room you are in the most. If you have high ceilings and there are spaces above your cupboards you can set things there like fake pumpkins or metal ones. You can put signs up that says fall or harvest. You can do deer horns, it is deer season. You can do tall candles and color choice is yours. You can do white, orange, brown. Whatever you like the best, your choice. There is a lot that you can do in your kitchen if you have a big table and there is a wide vase with seashells, put it away till next Summer or you can set it elsewhere, like maybe in the bathroom, if your bathroom is ocean theme then you can set it in there, if you have room. Replace it with a bowl or a box full of pinecones and maybe set a tall candle in the middle of it or if there isn’t so many pines cones set three short candles in the middle and put the pinecones around it. That would look nice. If you have tall vases you can put silk leaves sticking out the top and hanging over the edge or you can fill them with seeds like corn or little baby pumpkins, fake or will. Or maybe fake leaves. You can fill them with different things.

The next area you have to think about is the living room. If you have a small table in front of the couch you can set a small tablecloth down the middle and set a long wooden box with pinecones or three short candles and maybe set a few fake leaves around it to bring in the feel of fall. Do you have a fireplace? You can set all kinds of things up there you can set a wooden sign with the word Fall on it with the year you made it or you can get a little basket and set three or two pumpkins with a small blanket on the floor against the wall. You set a pillow by it that says Home Sweet Home or a big sign that says, Autumn. You can do many decorations by the fireplace.

The next room is the Dining Room. When you decoration the dining table I wouldn’t do all things because if you have a party and everybody sits at the table, they won’t be able to see each other. So you can set small vases or jars filled with little pinecones or baby pumpkins. Or fill them with something that smells good. You can even do candles that smell like fall, cinnamon, pumpkins or even apple spice.

We can’t forget the porch. You would want to decorate your front porch because people walk on it to enter your house. Even if it was in the back, you still would want to because maybe you sit out there and read a book or watch nature with a cup of coffee. On each side of the doors, you can set two big mums the same color or one can be yellow and the other can be red or orange. You can have a white pumpkin that has the first letter of your last name. If you are a farmer or if you like the great outdoors, set a couple hay bails on each side and set down a few different sized pumpkins next to each other. Maybe set a lantern. Maybe a scarecrow that doesn’t look scary. Either on the left or right side of the door, you can do a tall Welcome sign. If you have a big wide set of stairs you can have a pumpkin on each side going down the steps till you hot the last one. And if you want, you set little ones next to those as well. Set a few little mums with them. It’s always fun to decorate for the fall.

Now that you have your house and front porch decorated for Fall, now you can enjoy it. Plan a party and invite friends over so they can enjoy the Fall decor with you.

Looking forward to the Fall?

When fall starts to come around there is so much to look forward to.

  1. What to wear
  2. What to cook or bake
  3. What the plans are for the weekend
  4. What party’s to attend
  5. What’s your bucket list
  6. What books you are going to read

Pick out your favorite clothes to wear this fall. It’s time to put away the swimming suit.

Go through your cookbook and find the baked goods you love to eat during the fall.

Grab your planner and see if there you have any plans for the weekend, if not, fill the empty space.

Flip through the calendar and see what party’s you are going to attend and start thinking about what you are going to wear to it.

Open your notebook and write down your bucket list that you’ve been wanting to do.

And last, but not least, walk over to your bookshelf and pick out those books that remind you of Fall and start reading.

There’s always something to do in the Fall. Just open your eyes and think.

Baked Goods in the Fall

When Fall starts to come around, we already know what we’re going to wear. The long sleeve shirts, leggings and don’t forget the boots and the scarfs. But now what are you going to bake this Fall. Pumpkin pie. I love Pumpkin pie. It’s my favorite pie to eat during the fall. Or maybe you want to bake cinnamon donuts or apple pie. It smells so good when it comes out of the oven. How about Apple Bread.

Maybe you have a party coming up and you need to find the perfect baked good, so what do you do? … go onto Pinterest. They have tons of recipes. It will be hard to choose, but you can always write them down in a cookbook then you will have them for later or next time.

Once you start cooking, your house will smell like apple crisp, cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Who doesn’t like those smells?

It’s fall people, so start baking those goods.

The​ Colors of Fall

What’s your favorite color of Fall? Red, Orange, yellow. Maybe brown or green. When I go on my walks I always take pictures of the leaves on the ground. I try not to take too many because I’m sure people are sick of seeing it on Snapchat or Facebook.


When I walk I love seeing the yellow and orange leaves on the ground. Sometimes I’ll see the red ones. The red ones look good too. I also see the brown dead ones on the side of the road by the curbs or storm drains.bigstock-Fall-leaves-14340998

So take your time to see the beauty of fall, because it’s everywhere.

Writer’s block is a pain in the a**! 300 Writing Prompts!


What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

If feel like I don’t want to do anything I will watch movies, play games on my phone or I will write if I’m inspired. And if I’m really bored and the weather is nice I’ll go for a walk. I try not to have lazy days because I hate being lazy. And I hate laying around and not doing anything. Who would want to sleep all day or just lay around? Not Me. I have to be doing something or I’ll so crazy.

If I’m in the apartment to many days at a time and I don’t do anything I start to worry and I need to get out of the apartment and interact with people and get some fresh air. Thank god for close friends.