And then The Sun shines after The Rain

What’s a better way to experience the after-effects when it’s done raining? Take a small walk and stroll the town down the sidewalks. Stand on your front porch.  Open the deck doors and step out. What do you see? What do you smell and hear or feel? Do you taste?

My favorite part of rain is the after effects. Right after it’s done raining, I get dressed and head outside. I pull my phone out and start taking pictures that catch my attention or what pulls my interests in the most. I tap on my notepad app and start talking into my phone. I say what I see, what I smell, what I feel and hear and what I taste. I feel the warmth of the sun shining down on my face and it feels good. I smell the fresh scent of tree bark and flowers. The best smell is tree bark and of course the flowers. I walk and walk till my legs and back start to hurt then I rest or turn around and go home and write about it.

What do you do after it rains? Do you turn on your favorite T.V. show that you have been watching for the past five months? Do you make a cup of tea or coffee then sit on the swing and watch cars go by? Or maybe you might go into your office and paint what you feel. Do you sit at your desk and write about the rain and the sunshine like I do? Maybe you grab a good book and read till you can’t anymore.

I love it when the sun shines after it’s done raining. And of course the earth scents. That’s the best part I think.


A Walk in The Rain


For the past couple days, it’s been raining in Knoxville, Iowa. Since I’ve moved out of my mom’s house I haven’t been a big fan of the RAIN. For some reason, it makes me really nervous and I shake and I feel like I’m going crazy and I feel the need to cry. But for the past year, I’ve gotten better at being home alone. It’s not the thunder and lightning that scares me. I just hate being home alone when it rains. I like to be surrounded by people during rainstorms.

I worry more about my cats more than anything when I’m gone. But I’ve come to find that they don’t mind the rain. They sit in the window seal and watch it trail down the window. Sometimes I’ll walk over and stand behind them and see what they are experiencing and it’s not really that bad. It’s just rain. Whatever they see I see it too. The rain isn’t so bad when you get used to it. If rain is your biggest fear try to overcome it like I have overcome my fear of great white sharks. And now all I do is watch videos of them on YouTube.

The rain isn’t so bad when you get used to it. If rain is your biggest fear try to overcome it like I have overcome my fear of great white sharks. And now all I do is watch videos of them on YouTube. They’re not that scary after all. But if you are in the water and you see one coming at you then yes I would scream bloody murder too.

When it rains hard and it pounds on the roof I start to shake and my face gets really warm and the thudding in my chest starts to palate. I tell myself “I can’t be here, I have to leave, I got to get out of here.” And so I do.

I rather walk in the rain than sit in the living room listening to it. I can’t-do that. I discovered that some people find it relaxing and soothing. When I go for a walk in the rain it’s soothing and relaxing to me because I’m moving around and I’m seeing the rainfall and I watch it drip from the leaves. I just like to walk in the rain. I just don’t like being home when it’s raining.When I walk in the rain I can smell the wet tree bark and the wet grass. Sometimes I can smell the flowers, but not as much. That’s why I like to walk in the rain to get the five senses. What I smell, what I see, what I hear, what I taste and what I feel.

When I walk in the rain I can smell the wet tree bark and the wet grass. Sometimes I can smell the flowers, but not as much. That’s why I like to walk in the rain to get the five senses. What I see, what I smell, what I hear, what I taste and what I feel.

I see the wet roads and small rivers gliding down to the storm drains. Cement pots with flowers in them drip from the pressure of the harsh rain. The sidewalks start to to dry. People out walking their dogs, holding an umbrella. And what do I smell, the wet tree bark and soaked soil that puts a smile on my face. And then I hear car windshield whippers and tires through the peddles in the streets. I stay back so I don’t get splashed or I would get mad. People talk back and forth. Dogs barking from the front window of the houses as I walk by. I see people waving at one another or heading into the courthouse or even into the bank. Or maybe the flower shop to pick up their flowers or to order something for a friend or a loved one. Or to bring back tuxedoes they have rented. As I walk down the sidewalk I feel the rain land on the top of my head and my cheek. It can be a warm feeling or a cold feeling. Little drips hit my glasses and I take them off and whip them clean and put them back on. Five seconds later, it repeats the same thing.

A walk in the rain isn’t bad, in less its raining really hard and the wind is horrible. Then that may not be a good choice. I remember one day it was raining so bad that I was on the verge of crying my eyes out. I got dressed and I left.

So me and rain are not the best of friends, but I do understnad now why we need rain. So the grass can grow and flowers can bloom.

2017 Montezuma All-Iowa Writers Conference!

The Montezuma Writers Conference was fun too attended. I met new writers from out of town and from other states. And met some authors as well. Each hour an author talked up front about their writing or how they got published or how you can promote your work. I did write a few things. I thought all the authors had something interesting to say. They were funny too. I walked around and saw all the tables with books. I was just a little jealous because I want that really bad. I was to go to book events and have my own table with my book. But hopefully, it will happen too. Lunch was good too. I think they were subway sandwiches. The buns were huge. I couldn’t get my mouth around it, so I tore some of the bread out and ate it then ate the sandwich. It was really good. I think everybody was hungry because when the sliding doors to the kitchen counter opened everybody got up from their table and stood in line. I was hungry too.

These are the author’s that attended the conference.

Meet Author, Sarah Latchaw. Author of Hydraulic Level Five and Shlglass.

You can find her at

Meet Author, Francis Sparks. Author of Made Safe.

You can find him on twitter @writingsparks.

His website:


Meet Author, Darcy Dougherty Maulsby. Author of A Culinary History of Iowa and Dallas Country.

You can find her on Facebook:

Twitter: @DarcyMaulsby


Meet Author, S.C. Sherman Author of Lone Wolf Canyon (Coming out this December 2017)Also author of Hell and Back: The first death, Mercy shot and other great books.

You can find him at Facebook: SC Sherman. Twitter: @TheSteveSherman


Meet Author, Serena Chase author of The Ryn, The Remedy, The Epahorse Legacy, The Sunken Realm and Intermission.

You can find her on Twitter and Instagram – @Serena_Chase

Facebook: Serena Chase Author Official



Meet Author Lorna Seilstad, Author of As Love Blooms, White Love Stirs, When Love Calls, Making Waves, A Great Catch and A Ride of her Life.

You can find her on her Website:

Twitter: @LornaSeilstad

Standing beside her, meet Author Dawn Ford, author of Knee-High Lies.

You can find her at



Meet Author Darlene Miller, author of The Search For Grandma Sparkle and RV Chuckles and Confessions of Happy Campers.


Meet Author Stephen Brayton, author of Alpha, Iowa’s Original Writers Anthology (Short Stories from other Authors) and The Light Won’t Go Out (Short stories from other authors)


Meet Author Cassandra DenHartog, author of Past in Shadows, Creating Grace, and Beast Masters. Mr. Hyde. Part 1.

You can find her on Twitter: @CassDenHartog

Her website:



On my way to becoming a PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!!!!

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to be a published author. And now the dream that I’ve been dreaming is coming true. I’m finally done with the editing stage. And now I have to figure out how big I want the book, how big the font should be and how much I want the book to be.

This is all exciting for me. I can’t wait to order the book when the time comes and hold it in my hands. something that I have been waiting for such a long time and now it’s going to happen very soon.

For those who don’t know what my novel The Wish is about. Here’s the blurb.

When Alivia’s grandpa Quinn passes away, she never felt so alone till one day she ventured out into the woods and came face to face with a witch, Inga who gives her a crystal stone to make a wish and the next morning Alivia finds her Grandpa well and alive in the kitchen. Was losing him just a dream or was it all in her head? Now that Alivia has him back, she’s happier than ever. But in the following day when she wakes her grandpa is dead . . . Again. And now Inga’s dark forces are out to get what Inga desperately needs, Alivia’s spirit. Alivia sets out to unravel the history of Inga’s past and teams up with Geena who is a paranormal researcher, a Medium, and a Psychic, to bring down the evil stalking the woods.

It will be coming out October 2017 this Fall. I will also have it in Kindle format as well.

IT the movie

The movie It was amazingly terrifying. All the kids in the movie were funny as hell. I couldn’t stop laughing. I jumped only once when the girl was laying on the bathroom floor in the abandoned house and she was yanked away. I jumped and I placed a hand to my chest and was like “Holy shit that scared me.” It gets a 5 rating from me. I’m so getting out on DVD.


The leaves are changing, the days are getting colder. No more shorts, sleeveless shirts or sandals. You’ll be seeing more pants and long sleeves and of course those stylish boots that have been boxed away all summer. Grab a hot cup of coffee and good read this Fall. Wear your favorite sweater and sit by the fireplace.



When the leaves change and the days grow colder you want to either stay in doors where it’s warm or go outside and jump into a big pile of colorful leaves. I would do both. Fall calls for those favorite sweat shirts and those stylish sweat shirts, including the boots. And you get a grasp of that pumpkin and cinnamon lingering to your nose. And all the nice smelly candles that come out. Your apartment will smell like pine trees and pumpkins and of course cinnamon. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner.


When the leaves are on the ground and the trees are empty and you get a chill from the cold breeze you think of drinking something warm. It also calls for a nice hot cup of coffee or maybe a sweet iced tea or maybe even a cappuccino or milk hot chocolate.


Fall is also a great way for us writers to be creative and get our mind to work harder. It calls for Fall settings and to sit on the porch and watch the leaves fall. Your note book on your lap and that hot cup of coffee waiting to be drunk to keep you warm while to write. YOu walk through the leaves and hear them crunch under your feet. You jump high and land in a big pile of leaves, hoping you don’t get hurt. We do all this to get a feel then add it into out writing so the reader can relate. Sometimes the seasons can change our writing vibes.


My second favorite part of FALL is the stylish sweat shirts and boots. All summer it’s been hot and miserable. Now it’s time to get those Fall clothes out and grab a good read. When Fall is here we pick out our favorite sweet shirt to wear and a pair of boots that will match.