Coffee with Ashley!

Dear Coffee, Thank you for stepping into my life and giving me motivation and imagination to boost my creative juice’s. I love the taste of the french vanilla when I drink you in the morning. There are days when I can’t get enough. I love to drink coffee during the cold winter days.

Hello everybody! I hope your week went well and of course, I hope you all had a great weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

Today’s topic: A Coffee Story!

Way back when I was a little girl I was standing in the kitchen and I watched my mom pour herself a cup of coffee. Being so young and so small at the time I didn’t know why she was drinking it and why she had to have it in her life. That was the first time of knowing what coffee was and the smell that filled the air in the kitchen. I said to my mom ‘why you drinking that stuff?” and she said, “Here have a sip.” I took a sip and I hated it. I gave it back to her and said “Gross.”

I thought to myself I’ll never drink that again. And I didn’t throughout Middle school. But when I got to High School that all changed. I saw my family and all my teachers drinking it. I do remember in 10th grade a teacher had a coffee pot in her classroom and she had a coffee mug on her desk. And she said, “you can have some coffee.” I poured a class and took a small sip from it and it still tasted gross. It had no flavor what so ever. Some people had said, “That’s the way its suppose to taste.” So again for a while, I stopped drinking it because it was plain and had no flavor or anything. Just plain black.

During my senior year in High School, I was living with my grandma and I saw her put something in a cup. I thought it was coffee so I poured a glass of coffee and put a big cup of sugar into the coffee. I didn’t even measure it. So I poured it into the cup without stirring it. I drank it and still didn’t like it. I watched my grandma make her coffee and she didn’t put no sugar in it. So I tried and this time stirred it and took a drink and it was tasty and just right. So I started drinking it that way and long after I moved out of my grandma’s house and still drank it. All I put in it was just sugar and I discovered that you could put flavors in it. And I was like really, you can do that? So I tried many flavors and was disappointed and then that’s when I came across French vanilla that a friend had me try. And oh my gosh I fell in love. And ever since I’ve been drinking it. And now its like I can’t go on with my day without having a cup of coffee because it gets me going.

The first thing that comes to my mind is wanting that cup of coffee or what I had written yesterday.

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