Chapter Four

   Inga slammed both fists on the floor and tipped her head back with a high pitch scream. “Finally, I’m released from the grave!” She ran both hands down her rotted cheeks. Little pieces of skin fell off. She looked down at her hands. Nothing, but dry skin and bones. Her long sleeve dress was covered in holes and rips.

   Her joints crackled and popped when she moved.


   She looked up and glared at him with anger, moving her hand to the diamond, but it wasn’t there. She screamed causing vases to tip over and roll off the shelves to the floor. They shattered like ice crystals. “WHERE’S MY DIAMOND!”

   “We don’t have it, master, she took it!”

   Inga lowered her arm and dropped to both knees, she leaned on to the chair. She was weak like a starving animal on the side of the road. She thought of all the children’s soul that she desired. She needed energy, a child’s soul. A teen boys soul.

   She stood up and walked over to her vials. She needed the soul vial so she had some energy to move around. She leaned to the shelf and grabbed the red vial. She pulled the cap off and drank it. The energy build up inside her. Right before her own two eyes fresh healthy skin expanded along her arms. Nails poked out of her fingers. The rips and holes in her dress disappeared. Her hair that was once grey in a bun, was now black. She dropped the vial and looked at Peter and Joseph. “Now I can move.”

   Inga walked over to her cauldron and realized she didn’t have her book of spells. She kicked the cauldron twice then tipped it over. She turned around and looked at the fireplace. It was full of burnt pages. She clenched her fists then stood and turned around.

   “I need that teen boys energy, NOW!”

   She pushed past them and walked through the wall and toward the open path and down the middle of the road. The flying demons flew high in the sky above. She was now on a mission to get that boys soul and the others.

   Once she was in town she stopped and saw all the houses. “Which way did that teen boy go?”

   Peter pointed down the road. “That way.”

   Inga walked down the street as dogs whimpered and cats ran off in a panic. She smiled to the idea that she had that much power to scare off any animal in her path with the thought of that boy’s soul, she so desperately needed and wanted. She starved for it. Craved for it. It consumed her mind and black soul.

   “I’m taking his soul because he woke me and I want his energy so I can stay strong forever.”

   Inga stopped and sniffed the air then let a breath out. “I can smell his fear. He’s near, let’s go, Peter.” She looked at the house where the smell of fear was coming from.

   The flying demons darted around the house and some secured up the trees.

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