Chapter Five

Her phone buzzed on the nightstand. She reached for it and saw a calendar pop up. An alarm on her cell phone always reminds her when it’s time to take the medicine.

   She pulled the blankets off and rubbed both eyes. The clock showed Ten thirty p.m. I’m so tired. I need sleep. She walked down the hall and stopped by Kegan’s door and listened. It was silence so she opened it. He was sound asleep in bed. And he still had his clothes and shoes on. He always woke up later in the night and took them off. Instead of removing them from his feet and waking him and getting yelled at she left them alone.

   She opened the chest that set at the end of his bed and pulled out a blanket dad used to nap with when Kegan was eight. She yawned and laid it over him. “Whatever you did, daddy forgives you. Just ask for forgiveness. Good night. See you in the morning.”

   Before leaving she quietly opened the window so the bad smell would leave the room. Clothes were still on the floor so she went ahead and picked them up one by one then tossed them over the rail to the bottom step of the staircase. After she picked up all the beer cans and trash she closed the door and walked down the stairs.

   Once all of Kegan’s clothes were gathered and put in the washer, she stepped into the kitchen and grabbed her pill bottle. She popped the lid, set the tiny pill on her tongue and swallowed it.

   She made her way up the stairs and climbed back into bed.

   Minutes within dozing off, a thump awakened Maddisyn. What’s he doing now?

   She opened the door and stared down the hall at Kegan’s room. “Kegan, please go to bed. It’s getting late and Mom will be home soon.”

   She tiptoed slowly down the hallway then leaned toward the door and listened.

   Quietness consumed the room.

   “NO!” Kegan screamed. “GET OUT!”

   Maddisyn gasped and took a step back, covering her mouth. She stood there until a loud crash echoed from the room, startling her.

   Kegan’s screams were nothing like she had heard before. It sounded like he was being tossed around and tortured. But that wasn’t all she heard. There was a deeper demonic voice.

   Something hit the door, splitting it down the middle.

   Maddisyn fell back and landed on the floor. Staring at the door, she didn’t know what to think or do

   The sound stopped. Quietness took over.

   She stood to her feet and grabbed hold of the doorknob. “Kegan, are you okay?” Twisting the handle she pushed the door open.

   Her legs collapsed and she hit the door rail and slid down to the floor. Tears burned through her blurry eyes as her heart pounded faster.

   Maddisyn screamed in terror, bringing both hands to her face.

   Leaning over the edge of the bed, blood dripped from Kegan’s neck. A puddle settled on the floor by his hand. The window was covered in blood as it slid down the wall and headboard, including. He wasn’t moving or breathing. His eyes were wide open.

   Maddisyn ran down the hall to her cell phone and called nine-one-one.


   Mines later, the police arrived. Led out of the room by one of the police officers tears traced down her cheeks. A shocking feeling weighed heavy on her heart. Deep down, she knew Kegan was gone.

   A few paramedics entered Kegan’s room with a gurney.

   She stepped outside as the flashing lights from the cop car caught her attention.

   People stood in their front yards or on their decks, talking back and forth.

   Maddisyn’s mom stopped the car by the curve and ran across the yard toward Maddisyn. She wrapped both arms around her. “Maddisyn, what the hell happened?”

   Maddisyn paused and shook her head, not knowing what to say. Afraid of how she would respond.

   “Where’s Kegan, where is he?” she asked, shaking her shoulders. “Where’s your brother at, answer me?”

   Before Maddisyn spoke, two paramedics pushed a gurney out the front door and down the brick path that led to the driveway.

   Maddisyn’s mom let go of her and walked over to the gurney. “Kegan.” She screamed, “Oh God, no!” Her work bag fell to the ground with a thud.

   Tears trailed down her cheeks. She held on to the handle, walking beside it, tightening her grip.

   “Let go, ma’am,” the paramedic said.

   Maddisyn ran over, pulled her mom’s hand free from the handle and held her close.

   “Kegan,” she sobbed.

   They watched the paramedics push the gurney into the back of the ambulance.


   The door closed and it headed down the road.

   Maddisyn felt her mom’s body shake and tremble until her legs gave out then collapsed to the ground as she sobbed and cried. “Kegan!”

   Other neighbors watched with curiosity, whispering to one another.

   A cop car pulled up at the end of the driveway.

   Maddisyn and her mom sat by the deck. She continued to sob and cry, head tipped down.

   Detective Luke stepped out of the car and of course, he looked right at Maddisyn as if he knew she was there.

   He stopped and talked to one other cop that showed up on the scene. He looked at Maddisyn then back at the other cop. They talked for a few minutes as he wrote on a notepad. He walked over and stopped in front of her. “Maddisyn. You need to come with me.”

   Her mom wiped the tears away. “What, why?” Her mom kept Maddisyn behind her as if she was a protecting shield. “Why does she have to go with you?”

   “Please come with us, Maddisyn. We have to take you down to the police station.”

   Maddisyn didn’t want to fight and walked over to the police car. A couple of neighbors said, “She killed her brother, I knew that would happen.

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