Chapter Two

The morning sun peeked passed the curtains.

Alivia squeezed her eyes shut and rolled on her side and looked at the clock.

A couple different colored fluffy pillows surrounded her. Grandpa had helped pick them out for her room years ago.

She set up in bed and paused for a brief moment realizing life won’t be the same anymore. She squeezed her eyes tight before any tears broke through.

Her bedroom door opened.

“Alivia, someone is here to see you.”

The blankets were pulled back.

It was Fern.

Alivia sat up and through her arms around her.

Fern held her arms around Alivia.

“It’s my fault, Fern.”

“No it’s not.”

“I should have gone earlier to see him then he might still be alive.”

“Don’t blame yourself.”

They looked at each other.

“This is not your fault. We didn’t see it coming.”

Alivia covered her face with both hands and rubbed her eyes.

“Did you just get here?”

“Yeah. Mom called me. Trying to book a flight right away was a pain in the ass.”

Alivia chuckled.

“How long are you staying?”

“I have to go back as soon as the funeral is over.”

“That’s not fair.”

“Life’s not fair.”

After everybody ate breakfast Alivia, her mom and sister went to the funeral home to make funeral arrangements.

Alivia stayed out in the car. She didn’t want to go in. She’ll have to see grandpa in there anyways.

For the next couple of hours Alivia, her mom and Fern were making posters and gluing pictures on it. Each picture brought back memories. She could hear the laughter’s and the should of water when the paint brushes were dipped in. The bright clumps of paint drew more attention. Fern’s voice encouraged her.

She set the pictures down and placed a hand to the side of her head and let a breath out.

Fern and her sister looked at each other then back at Alivia.

“I’m going to miss going fishing with him.”

“I’m going to miss him fixing things around the house.

Fern didn’t say a word.

Alivia knew she had nothing to say. Since she left for collage and became a model she hasn’t seen much of him.

The doorbell rang.

Alivia got up and opened the door. It was Lauretta and Skeeter with their parents. Skeeter’s dad was Mike, Alivia’s mom’s younger brother, and his wife, Stacie.

Lauretta’s hair wasn’t blond anymore or wavy; it was brunette with blonde highlights.

Alivia chuckled. “I knew you were going to change your hair.”

Lauretta and Alivia’s choice of style was similar, but Alivia really wasn’t into the high fashion and glamor like Lauretta. If they were seen on the streets people would know they were different from each other, but the close bond they share is no different.

Then she saw Skeeter. His hair was the same color with brunette and a little bit of blonde mixed in it. His hair was spiked on top, crystal blue eyes and a lean body.

Alivia hugged them both.

“I love you two so much!”

“We love you cuz,” Lauretta said.

Distraught with the loss of Grandpa, she still had the rest of the family, and especially the cousins. But without Grandpa it just didn’t feel like a complete family anymore.