how-to-write-a-novel-using-the-web-8d4171aca5Is writing a Job?

Since I’ve been writing I’ve also thought being a writer was a job. Some people disagree, only because they are not writers, but that don’t make them a bad person now does it. They are just giving their options.

I guess I believe writing is a job because I’ve been doing this for a long time. And I love every minute of it.

Writing is like any other job; expect us writers are sitting at the desk or at the kitchen table typing on a computer or a laptop. People that have a job sit at a desk all day and their working hard on a computer, just like us writers do. We are doing what they’re doing. People that have a job have to go through a pile of paper work, just like us writer’s do. We have papers full of notes and plot points to work out. People with jobs travel the world to get paid and sell something, just like us writer’s do. We travel the world for creativity, we don’t get paid cash, but we do get paid with creativity to create a masterpiece of outstanding and unique words.

Some people will disagree that be writing isn’t job and some way I can agree. Someone once told me it’s only a job if you get paid for it. Yes I agree, but in the back of my mind being a writer will always be a job. I don’t always think of it as a job when I’m writing. I think of it as a creative job.