Awakened Evil



   Where evil remained and a past that can’t be forgotten four high school teenagers sneak into a house where secrets hide in the shadows. Ince the evil has been awakened it takes two lives mysteriously.

   Maddisyn is on a mission to find who killed her brother, Kegan. She’s joined by her longtime friend, Richie, somebody she can count on and trust. Together they figure out the clues that lead to a witch, Inga.

   Meanwhile, Alivia struggles to be normal and gets a visit by two teenagers and she meets Tyler, who has some of his own dark secrets and hidden ability.



   Ashley Lovell published her first paranormal novel The Wish back in the Fall of 2017. Now she’s the author of her second novel Awakened Evil in The Keeper of Souls series with brand new characters and events that will leave you shocked and surprised.

For more information, you can find Ashley on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see updates and news on her upcoming work.

A copy of The Wish and Awakened Evil is available at the Knoxville Iowa Public Library.

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