Learning how to do things on your own.

When you are faced with a challenge that you don’t understand or don’t know how to do, you think you have to do it all by your self no matter what. You have to teach yourself with no guidance. You think you’re alone in this. You’re scared and don’t know what to do. Your mind is running a mile a minute because you think you are going to fail yourself and you can’t go on with life. You have nobody to turn to and you try to think it through, but instead, you panic and you feel like you are running in a maze trying to find a way.

But that’s not true. You don’t have to feel that way at all. If you have close friends that you can trust and they are like family to you, and you know they will always be there for you, then you are set for life. Having close friends and family is a good thing. I have both and I am very thankful for that.

When life challenges hit you like a brick in the face that was unexpected you’ll feel scared or you think “That’s it, my life is over. I’m going to be homeless.” It’s okay to feel that way. But don’t forget about those close friends. If you havening a big change and you need help, just go to them and they will help you. Mine did.

(Dealing with new changes and anxiety.)

What new changes are you dealing with, what’s giving you anxiety?

Did you just move out of your parent’s house and move into a small apartment? Did you get a new job in the big city and have to take the train? Every day there is a life lesson that has to be taught and learned, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you are having a hard time with new changes in yourself and don’t know how to handle it here are a few things you can try.

  1. Write in a journal. If you have a full plate and don’t know how to process it all. Just think about each thought one at a time and write about it. Then it’s all off your shoulders.
  2. Leave the apartment/house and get some fresh air. Stayin inside all day, every day isn’t really healthy. It might make you, even more, overwhelmed with everything that is going on.
  3. You can walk around town and check out what stores are having sales. It will relax your mind and calm you down from all the things in your life.
  4. Go to the library and check out books. I heard that reading can take you to another whole place and let life sit back for a while.
  5. Go for a walk and clear your mind. If you want you can think about the things that are changing in your life. Or what gives you anxiety. Thinking about it isn’t a bad thing.

(Teaching yourself new things)

  1. Paying your bills

There’s a lot of ways to teach yourself how to do things on your own. If I can do it, so can you. If you struggle with your bills and don’t know how to write a checkout. Or counting money. You can research it or ask one of your close friends to help you. I’m sure they will sit down with you and show you how to write out a check or show you how to count money. There’s nothing wrong with getting help, believe me, I know.

     2. Grocery shopping.

Shopping for food and house items can be a lot of fun. I enjoy it every time. Before you go to the store I write down everything you need in the food list. Then the house items. My friend started to teach me how to meal prep and it saved me Wal-Mart trips twice a week. If you like that idea of meal prepping this is how I do it. I pick out two meals I want to make. Then I write down what I need. here’s the tricking part. You have to get enough to last you the rest of the month or the rest of the week or however you want to do it. I always get enough for the whole month then I’m not going back and forth to the store. Now your house items and personal use. You can separate that from the food list and write down what you need. You can say House items and on the other side of the pay, you can say Personal Items. If you have animals you can write Cat list or Dog list, whatever you want is fine. My lists are House items, Receipt items, and Cat items. I use those. After you have your lists done, then you can look back one more time or three more times just to make sure you have everything. And you can walk through the house and see what you are low on. There’s nothing wrong with looking back a 2nd, time or a 3rd, 4th, or even a 5th time. I do it all the time.

3. How to organize everything?

How do you organize? I never knew how till I taught myself and read about it online. If you have bills or receipts and don’t know how to handle all of it, don’t freak out there are ways. One thing you can do is get a binder with folders in it and you can label them. Like for one, you can say Gas, Water, Heater, Electric, Phone. All the above. You can place all of your receipts in each slot and you can write the year so you don’t put the wrong one in a different sot.

I hope this helped. Have a good day. And best of luck.


Published by Ashley Lovell Author

Ashley Lovell is the author of The Wish & Awakened Evil. She lives in her apartment with her two cats (Spook and Batman.) She started to write in the summer of 2005. Throughout her writing career, she has written song lyrics, poems, short stories, and novel series. She joined the Marion County Writers Workshop in 2010. She was in the top 10 in The Write Place book contest. And also, has several short stories featured in charity anthologies. When Ashley was growing up, she lived out in the country surrounded by cows, chickens, cats, five dogs, corn fields, dirt roads, and a patch of woods behind the house. She loves to drink French Vanilla coffee in the mornings when she writes. She is also a supporter of black cats and believes they are good luck. She loves to write creepy stories in the dark. You can find Ashley at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ​and Instagram to see updates and news on her work.

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