The Five SENSES of a HAUNTED house?!

First off I just want to say if you are scared of knowing about ghosts and spirits or knowing the basics of how to know if your house is haunted, then I wouldn’t read this blog, it might freak you out or scare you!

Is your house HAUNTED?! I’m sure a lot of people have read hundreds and thousands of articles of famous haunted houses like The Villisca Axe Murder House, located in Villisca, Iowa. I’ve been there and nothing scary happened to me, but I did catch a lot of orbs in my photographs I had taken. Another famous haunted house is The Amityville Horror House. I’ve seen the movie and the remake. I thought they were both good. Another haunted house is Sally’s House. I have never been there, but I did watch an episode of it on the T.V. show The Haunting. Another haunted house that I found very interesting was A Haunting in Connecticut and I have it on DVD. I use to watch it all the time.

So yes, this blog is about the top signs that your house is haunted.

  1. Noises. What causes these noises? Footsteps, doors closing and opening. Faucets turning on and off. Voices from the deceased. Laughing, crying, screaming, loud voices, sounds of objects falling. How about noises in the attic like the sound of walking back and forth. Or noises in the basement. That’s creepy. Sounds of growls and snarling in the night knowing that you don’t have a pet in the house. Music playing from the other room, knowing that your t.v. and radio is off. Voces from EVP’s. Screams in the night.
  2. Sight. What do you see? Lights flicking on and off. Lights going out for no reason. Shadows in the hallway. Apparitions, shadows in the far corner of your room. Waking up to find somebody sitting in the rocking chair, rocking back and forth. Ghosts standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Ghosts standing by the window, sitting on the edge of the bed crying and sobbing. Pages being turned in a book. Little apparitions of kids running right in front of you. Hovering black mists above your bed. Evil spirits appearing before you with hate and evil in their eyes and the tone of their voices. Different types of demons. Animals behaving differently. Barking at empty corners in the rooms. Cats hissing at the air and running under the bed. Hiding. What do you see in photographs? Bright white orbs that can’t be missed. Red orbs that give you chills down the spine. How about White fog or mists, a dozen of orbs floating round in the backyard. Ghosts and spirits from the past showing themselfs to you. They might need help or want you out.
  3. Smell. What do you smell in a haunted house? How about Cigar smoke?… if you are all alone in your house and you get a whiff of cigar smoke then that means there’s is a ghost in the room. How about perfume or maybe cologne. If you don’t wear perfume and you smell it, then there is a ghost in the room. If a person wore perfume all the time when they were alive they will make it appear after their death.
  4. Taste. I haven’t read very many things about taste in a haunted house. I guess if a ghost use to smoke or wear perfume when they were alive and they still do that after their death then you’ll probably taste it in your mouth.
  5. Feel. What do you feel? Cold spots, hot spots, cold breezes trailing by you when it’s 100 degrees outside. Breathing on the back of your neck or tapped on the shoulder. Being touched by cold fingers and knowing that you are home alone. Being pushed or shoved down the staircase or in any room of the house.

So I believe these are signs that your house is haunted. If your house is haunted I would buy some smudge sticks or call a preacher. If my apartment was haunted I would do these things too. But don’t be afraid because bad and evil ghosts will feed off your fear. I learned that from watching tv shows and reading about them in blogs.

Published by Ashley Lovell Author

Ashley Lovell is the author of The Wish & Awakened Evil. She lives in her apartment with her two cats (Spook and Batman.) She started to write in the summer of 2005. Throughout her writing career, she has written song lyrics, poems, short stories, and novel series. She joined the Marion County Writers Workshop in 2010. She was in the top 10 in The Write Place book contest. And also, has several short stories featured in charity anthologies. When Ashley was growing up, she lived out in the country surrounded by cows, chickens, cats, five dogs, corn fields, dirt roads, and a patch of woods behind the house. She loves to drink French Vanilla coffee in the mornings when she writes. She is also a supporter of black cats and believes they are good luck. She loves to write creepy stories in the dark. You can find Ashley at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ​and Instagram to see updates and news on her work.

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