Follow your dream!

If you have a dream and you want it to come true, then you need to get up and make it happen. Don’t make other people do it for you. It isn’t their job to make you successful. It’s your job to make yourself successful and make that dream come true. If you want to be a singer, a doctor or even a writer like me then you need to put your foot down and make it happen. It won’t be an over night thing. It takes time. It took me 6 to 7 years to write my novel (The Wish). I thought I was never going to get it done and get it published because I waited to long and it was too much money to hire someone to edit it. I was thinking negative thoughts and self-doubting myself. I kept getting rejected my editors, book publishers and even Literary Agents. Durning that time I wanted to just stop and say “you know what I’m done. This stress isn’t worth it.” That didn’t get me nowhere in life. Through the years as I was getting older, I stopped being so negative and upset with myself because I wasn’t an author. I wasn’t doing enough to become an author. Waiting and sitting around for my dream to come to me wasn’t working. I had to go toward it for it to happen. Sitting around and waiting for people to read my book wasn’t working. I had to get up and go to book signings and book fairs to get my work out there, to get people to know about it and to get them interested in it. And when your dream starts to happen and you start to get successful you’ll be thankful with yourself that you made that dream happen. And you’ll think back and say “Wow, I really did it.”


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