Pretty Little Killers or Pretty Little Murders?????

Wow, what a busy writing weekend I had. On Saturday, June 10th, through the whole day, I wrote 2,953 words and 11 pages. Then on Sunday, June 11th I wrote 4,818 words and 13 pages. All together that’s 7,771 words and 24 pages. WOW!!! That makes me really really happy that I actually got some writing done. Durning the writing process I felt like I had written more because there were so many pages and words. The short story is coming along great, I’m still trying to figure out a title. I just might go with Pretty Little Killers or Pretty Little Murders. Thinking about how much more I have to write I think I’ll have 5 or 10 more pages left to write then I’m done. The reason why I started this new short story was that I needed a break from my other short story Marissa and Josephine. I don’t have much left to write about that one. All I have left is the ending fight scene between Angie and Marissa. So that’s what’s going on in my a little creative crazy world. 🙂


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