My Happy 29th BIRTHDAY.

My birthday was June 5th, 2017 this last Monday and I went out to eat with Candi, Abbi and Coffee at Johnny’s Italian’s Steak House on the south side of Des Monies.

Candi got me new workout clothes because I walk every day. I walk 3,000 steps in the morning then take a small break then walk another 3,000 steps then take another small break then walk another 3,000 steps then eat lunch and walk 3,000 more steps then I’m done.


I’ve been so motivated to walk because I got new clothes and I feel motivated to walk more, so I’ve been doing a lot of walking this week and lost 6 pounds so far. So that was amazing.

And I went to a shoe store with Abbi to get a new pair of shoes to walk in because my other ones weren’t good. They were falling apart and my feet hurt a lot. So I picked a pair out and choose these.


I like them better than my old ones. Ever since I started to wear them, my feet haven’t hurt and the front of my legs don’t hurt anymore.

I did have a good birthday and was glad to spend it with a few close friends.


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