A weather story

The sound of thunder roars through the sky. The grey sky expands for miles. Rain pours down in the streets as cars drive by with their head lights on, dropping their kids off at the grand theater. Cars pull in, people rush from their cars to the theater so they won’t get wet.

A writer sits up in her apartment and write’s her very best work yet. Ghost, black cats, creepy old cemeteries. That’s what she loves to write about.

Hail bounces off the edge of the air conditioner, causing her to jump in the chair. She shakes her head to brush it off and continues on to write. Her two black cats watch the storm go by, curious of what’s going on outside.

More people arrive at the grand theater. Before she knew it, all the parking spaces were almost full.

Within thirty second’s the rain lightens up. That wasn’t long she thought.

People come out of the bar next to the winery. She can hear them talk from inside her office, the voices are muffled and not understandable.

The sky clears and the sun peeks out for just a brief second then hides away again.

Once again she had another weather story to tell.


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