Awakened Evil – Book Two in The Spirit Keeper Series. Here’s a sneak peak.

I know it’s been 2 years since I released Spirit Keeper on Amazon Kindle. And I know I need to get it out there soon. But I’m still woking on editing and revising. SO here is a sneak peak. If you see mistakes or things I need to fix, Please leave it down in the comments. Don’t be afraid.

Chapter One

Flashes of lighting illuminated past the skinny trees in the distance. Rain drizzled down the rain coat Kegan had on. It was his dads. After he had died, he kept it so he had something important of his.

A clash of thunder rumbled through the sky and ground. The handle of the flash light vibrated against his hands, gripping it tighter. His heart thudded as his body and arms stiffened.

   Damn. I hate it when that happens.

A cold beer would be good right now. The thought had him wanting more.

Even though his eye’s burn, he blinked and the stinging started.

He ran a hand through his blond hair to keep it from his face.

The rain lightened up and the moon shined from behind the thick clouds. Even though it rained there was still heat in the air.

He whipped a hand across his sweating forehead and wished he was standing in front of an air conditioner right now to cool himself down. Instead he came to the woods.

The tall dark tree trunks stretched out. Wet dead leaves and twigs slid across his shoes. He shook his foot to get them off.

He looked back at the guys that were still in the car.

In the passenger seat, Terrance puffed from a cigarette then handed it off to Neaven who sat behind him.

His short black hair dangled on his forehead and past his ears. He shook his head to get his bangs out of the way.

Neaven puffed a view times from the cigarette and blew the smoke out the window then handed it over to Horace who sat beside him.

Horace sat in the seat with a beer bottle in his hand. His brown hair was a mess and his shirt had wet stains from the over drinking beer.

“Hey losers, get over here.”

The paint on the car had been chipped off from poor care. One of the headlights was cracked.

   Good thing we haven’t gotten a ticket yet, Neaven needs to get that fixed, but how can he when he doesn’t have any money. He should probably get a job.

Terrance fell behind; he almost looked like a zombie. His eyes were bloodshot. And he needed something to keep his balance, but instead, he tripped over a rock and fell flat on the ground.

Horace and Neaven laughed as Kegan trotted over and pulled him up by the shirt and arm.

“You retard. No more beer for you. And no more smoking.”

Terrance’s red eyes wondered.

Kegan smacked him on the cheek to get his attention. “Terr, snap out of it.” He sighed. “Oh boy, this is going to be a long night. Terr, get a hold of yourself, seriously. I’m not babysitting you all night.”

Kegan walked through the bushes with his back to them.

They all trotted through the patch and came to a stop.

Kegan flashed the light up by the trees, the sound of wings fluttered. Birds darted from the trees. Brown dried leaves and tree limbs were caked all over the ground.

Lights traveled around in the darkness, eyes glowed from the bushes surrounded by the pitch darkness.

Kegan stepped over the rotted smelly tree stumps and oversized tree ruts, then came to a stop.

Terrence bumped into him.

It didn’t faze Kegan one bit. He held the flashlight out in front of him and said “There it is.”

Kegan couldn’t believe it was still there. After what happened with the young girl and the woman, he was sure the house would be knocked down at some point.

The glass in the windows were cracked and broken, most of them didn’t have any glass.

“That’s the house; it’s where the witch lived.”

“Oh whatever man,” Neaven said. “Witches don’t live in, Traverse City. There not even real. Who told you that, the fairest of them all?”

“Well, this witch did.”

It was interesting to Kegan; he has never been inside or near it before. He wanted to go in.

Neaven walked over to the house as the others followed behind. He stopped in front of the stairs.

The feeling of wanting to go in and seeing what’s inside it, Neaven stopped him.

“Wait what are you doing?” he asked, as the other two just stood there.

“I’m going in.”

“I’m not going in there Keg, its cursed man,” Terrance said.

“Well, we better go in and see if it’s still cursed, then.”

The steps creaked as he walked up them, toward the door. The other three just stood there and watched him.

Kegan stopped in front of the door.

Terrance ran pass the other three across the yard then stood behind Kegan and waited.

He kicked it open.

   Not locked, that’s strange.

Dust floated up in the breeze. It was pitch black, the only light they had was the flashlights.

The four of them stood in the doorway, gawking in.

Kegan aimed the flashlight in front of him and trotted into the house. He looked around the small open space. He was the brave one that does everything first.

Everything was dust covered, even the hard-wooden floor. Cobwebs covered the walls that were falling apart. The kitchen off to his left had no door. The pots and pans were matted with cobwebs and spiders, including dust.

To the right was another room. It had a big red ripped curtain in the door way.

He walked over and felt it. Thick and heavy.

He pulled the curtain back and stepped through. He let it fall back to place behind him.

In the middle of the floor was a witchcraft star with candles placed on the tips.

Kegan grinned.

“Whoa, a  pentagram.”

He kneeled down and touched the candle. Looks like it hasn’t been used in a while. There were a couple red stains in the middle of the pangram.

Where did that come from?

He pulled his lighter out and lit every single candle then took a step back. He smiled and turned around.

There were glass vial’s with different colors in each one lined up in a row on an old wooden shelf. He pointed the light toward the shelf and trotted over.

   Damn, these look cool. I wonder what they are.

He picked one up and shook it. He heard the liquid splashing around in it. He sat the flashlight on the shelf, it shined pass him. He held the bottle in front of the light for a better glance. He took the cap off and smelled it.

   There was no smell. Maybe a little bit of a taste wouldn’t hurt?

He moved it to his lips, but then he stopped. The air in the room became subzero. His breath puffed out of his mouth.

There was a creak in the floor boards behind him.

He paused, thinking it was one of the boys.

“Nice try dummies.”

A hand grabbed his shoulder.

The bottle slipped from his fingers. His blood pumped through his veins. He turned around and nobody was there.

“Neaven, Terrance, Horace. Is that you? Stop messing around, this isn’t funny.”

As Kegan stood there, a dark black misty shadow shot across the path of the light.

Kegan screamed and grabbed the flashlight off the shelf and ran to the curtains and yanked them out of his way.



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