Yesterday I went to the North Iowa Book Bash with my two friends Cassy and Darlene. I had a great time and it was a lot of fun and motivating for me because I needed ideas for postcards and business cards. I’m so glad I went to see everybody again. I saw Michel Prince again. I chatted with her to see what she’s been up too. I bought her book called Unto Us. I also bought her other book By the light of a blizzard. It was $5 so I bought it.



Me with Michel Prince. Author of Unto Us and By the light of a Blizzard.

I also got to see Jen Naumannn at the book bash. She recognized me and I remembered her. I bought her book Paranormal Keepers. I started it and fell in love right away. The first paragraph has an Ouija in a cemetery. I love reading books that have Ouija boards and cemeteries.


Me with Jen Naumann. Author of Paranormal Keepers.



I saw Jolene Buchheit. I saw her and bought her book Trial by Charm.


Me with Jolene Buchheit.


I love going to these types of events and seeing all my favorite authors. And catching up with them.


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