The Witches of Blackwoodland. The arrival of Ominous and the sinister witch.

I started 2 different witch story’s, so I hope to get a couples pages in today and then write more tomorrow then start the other one called The witches of Blackwoodland next week. This story The Arrival of Omious and the sinister witch will have a sinister witch from the 1600’s and she has aContinue reading “The Witches of Blackwoodland. The arrival of Ominous and the sinister witch.”

The Ghosts Of Blackwood Cemetery

What do you exspect when you arrive at an old abandoned cemetery with a big stone old church in the back that hasn’t been touched in 100 years. It’s a shock that the building is still holding on to something that was lost and forgotten. Lost souls still roam the grounds they use to walkContinue reading “The Ghosts Of Blackwood Cemetery”

Writing the ending of Don’t Dare Enter

The only part that I have left to write in my short story Don’t Dare Enter is when the psychic medium Kim Hall goes into the creepy white house with Zoe to confront the young male that killed his bride many years ago in the early 1900’s. When Kim goes inside the house she isContinue reading “Writing the ending of Don’t Dare Enter”