What will I do next?

After I finish writing this psychopath story I’m not sure what to work on next…

Maybe my Marissa and Josephine story. I really do want to get back to that and start writing again. I only have the beginning wrote and the part that Marissa finds out that she has a daughter and she’s just like her in a lot of ways. Now I need to figure out what to write next. I guess I can write some ideas and put it to the side till I’m ready to work on it again.

I have my A Blackcat Story to finish as well. The beginning is written and done and the middle part and even the ending, but I still need to write the fight scene between Sirena and the bad guy that tracks her down. He doesn’t even have a name yet. I still need to give him a name.

I also have Awakened Evil that I really do need to edit and revise. I know some people are probably waiting for me to upload it on Amazon, but it’s not ready right now. It had a lot of work that I need to get done before even uploading it.

That’s why I started the black cat stories because I thought that if I put other stuff on amazon, it would keep everybody busy with that while I work on Awakened Evil and get it done. I’m trying to finish this psychopath story and get that out of the way then finish Marissa and Josephine story then get back to the black cat stories. It doesn’t upset me that I drift away from my curtain projects and write something else. It’s good to take a break from something that you have been working on for days and weeks at a time than later on you go back and think of fresh new ideas.

So I guess my plan is to finish Marissa and Josephine then head back to the black cat stories. And then hopefully start working on Awakened Evil.


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