A Marissa and Josephine Story

After I watched the movie logan story ideas flashed through my head and I thought to write a story about a young women, in her late 20s that had a terrible accident, but she doesn’t remember anything. And a man finds her on the side of the road and saves her. A year later she discovers that she has powers and she learns to control them. Another year goes by and she finds out that she has a daughter. And they both are just like each other and have the same powers.

That idea came to me and I knew I had to write it. The 1st day I wrote it I typed 1,716 words and six pages. I have the back story set part way and I need to finish the middle part of the story.

The only problem that I am having is writing the fight scenes. I’ve always had problems write action between two characters or a group of people fighting the main character. I hope I can get better at it.

When I finish the psychopath story I’ll go back to Marissa and Josephine. Then hopefully the black cat’s stories. I miss writing those in the rocking chair in the pitch dark.


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