The Writer’s Life: Normal person VS Writer


When I was younger around the age of learning how to write letters and sentences I never thought to be a writer. It never crossed my mind till one day in the summer of 2004 a short story idea popped into my head. A story about a girl that finds treasure hidden in the basement walls.

I didn’t know what I was doing or how to even write it. I just went with the flow. So that’s basically how my life changed. I was once a normal teenager till the day I picked up a pencil and stapled some paper together and started writing.

My life as a writer isn’t like a normal person’s life. A normal person doesn’t lie in bed and think about ideas for a blog or a novel that they started. A normal person doesn’t leave a notebook by their bed full of notes for a novel or a blog. A normal person doesn’t stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning drinking coffee while they brain storm for the next novel idea. A normal person doesn’t sit on the couch with a notebook in their hand while they watch T.V. and write notes down. A normal person doesn’t walk around their house or apartment talking to them how they should kill a character off or if two characters should fall in love or have down falls in their life. I do all of this. And I enjoy it very much.

My life as a writer can be happy, joyful, confusing, exciting, scary, frustrating, hopeful, overwhelming, uneasiness, and worrying. I’m sure every writer has this and a normal person can too. But a normal person doesn’t get happy and joyful over finishing a novel they have worked on for 10 or 20 years. A normal person doesn’t feel scared or frustrated that they might not ever finish a novel they started 10 or 20 years ago.

Published by Ashley Lovell Author

Ashley Lovell is the author of The Wish & Awakened Evil. She lives in her apartment with her two cats (Spook and Batman.) She started to write in the summer of 2005. Throughout her writing career, she has written song lyrics, poems, short stories, and novel series. She joined the Marion County Writers Workshop in 2010. She was in the top 10 in The Write Place book contest. And also, has several short stories featured in charity anthologies. When Ashley was growing up, she lived out in the country surrounded by cows, chickens, cats, five dogs, corn fields, dirt roads, and a patch of woods behind the house. She loves to drink French Vanilla coffee in the mornings when she writes. She is also a supporter of black cats and believes they are good luck. She loves to write creepy stories in the dark. You can find Ashley at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ​and Instagram to see updates and news on her work.

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