It’s only for the novels

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to talk about my stress problems with other people, not that they will judge me or say “Not my problem” I just rather hold it all in then talk about it.

I hate calling or talking to people about my problems because I don’t want to put stress on their shoulders when they have a lot going on in their own life. It’s like they have problems themselves and now they have to worry about me because I told them what I was going through. And I hate to put a person in that position.

Sometimes when I hold a lot of my feelings in it gives me the change to think about it and how I can overcome those feelings and I can also write it out and feel better about it. Writing about it is better than putting all that stress on someone else. This is from a writer’s POV (Point Of View) That’s how we are. That’s how we function.

And that’s another reason why I started to journal. Instead of putting stress on other people I can just journal about instead of talking about it. Lately I have been talking about what I’m going through because I guess it’s nice to hear what other people have to say about it. But I do like to write it down because if I’m writing a novel and my main character doesn’t like to talk about her feelings to other people then I look back at what I wrote in my journal and I can add that into her character, but twist it around and make it her own feelings. That’s why I don’t talk about my feels a whole lot to people. I rather write it down and I can use it in novels or poems or even a short story that I’m struggling with me.

When you’re writing a story or a novel you have to make your characters feelings and thoughts and the setting around them as real as possible. That’s what makes the reader contact with the story and the character. If you make your story realistic then the reader will connect with it.

I also like to write about the weather in my journal. I’ve been walking a lot because I want to be healthy. I want to be toned and get back to my normal weight. When I was living with my mom and sister I was 164 pounds. I was upset and devastated because I never weighted that much before. I put the blame on me because I didn’t watch what I was putting in my mouth or what I was drinking.

After I moved out of my mom’s house and moved into my first apartment a couple months later I weighted myself again and I was 157 or 159 pounds.

Writing about weather is something that I can use in my novels as well and I have been doing that. While I am walking I’m thinking and looking at the sky as the clouds go by, I can smell the fresh grass and the flowers. I can hear dogs barking and the birds chirping. Cars going by with loud music. I can feel the heat of the sun bearing down on me. I can use that and which I already have. That’s another thing that I can use in a novel and you can also make the story real. Writing it all down and getting my feelings out first is easier for me then I can look back at it and use what I want and put in a novel.

Holding in my feelings and not telling people can be stressful and tiring. It can wear a person out. Something when I am going through something I do feel tired and stressed and that’s when it’s like I can’t hold this in anymore I have to tell a friend. And I do.

Writing about my feelings on paper is more for my novels, but it’s also a healing process for me. I’m not sure if all writers keep a journal and write how their day and then use it in a novel. It’s a good way to make your characters more real and understanding. That’s what I want and hopeful that’s what the readers want. They want to feel what the characters are going through. They want to understand and know why the character is feeling a certain why. They want to be in the same place as the characters. You can do with the setting by describing what is going on around them. That’s another reason why I write about the weather. I can use it in my novel.


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