Lovell Writing Tip’s

Are you wanting to write a book and not sure what to write about or how to start it out? Here are a couple of tips of my own.


Tip #1

Some people start out free writing. That means you don’t plane the novel or decide what you want, you just write whatever comes to mind.

I normally don’t do this. I have to plan all my novels out so I know what is going on in each chapter. When I do this the novel gets written faster because I know what’s going on with all my characters or what the plot will be like or how the novel will end.

If I decide to free write my novel it will take me longer to write it because I have no idea what is going to happen or who will live or die.

But the older I get the more I just free write and I found that it’s really fun because you have no plane’s for the plots or the setting or even knowing who your characters are. As time goes on you will know all this stuff and understand the story line. And even figure out a title for your story if you already don’t have one.


Tip #2

If you have an idea for a novel don’t be afraid, go ahead and start writing. But then you think about the GENRE. If you are half way through writing your novel and not sure what type of genre your book should be, don’t stress over or panic. It’s okay.

While you are writing your novel the genre will come long. If you are writing a romance novel and you had ghosts and haunted houses in it, then you have a paranormal Romance.

If you are writing about dragons and giants then you have a fantasy novel.

If that’s what you want then you have a genre for your novel. And if you still don’t have the genre figured out, that’s okay. Have a friend read your book and maybe they can tell you want they think.


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