​How has your writing career changed in the past year?

Each time I write something sometimes I will notice my writing changing throughout the year and in the past. I think I’m more into the writing then I was before.

When I was younger I use to rush and not even take my time through each sentence or paragraph. At the time I thought I was a great writer and I knew what I was doing, but sadly I wasn’t. When I look back on some of the things I’ve written I’m horrified because the writing was so bad and horrible, but I think I was just starting out, so of course it would be that way.

Its 2016 now and I’m 28 years old, so some of the things I’m writing now can be bad and horrible, when I say that I mean I can write too many sentences that start with I, he, she or a characters name. I can use a word like was, is and my too many times in one paragraph. So then I have to take out most of those words and it’s hard. I do use I hear, I saw, I felt, I smell, I taste way too much.

So I can say something like

I heard the wolves howl in the distance and I saw eyes glowing in the dark stare back at me.

Here is another way I can say it without using I saw, I heard.

   Wolves howl in the distance sending chills through my body. Glowing eyes stare back at me in the darkness.

I use to write like that all the time. I’m trying not to use I hear, I saw, I felt, I smell.

The word WAS really gets to me. It’s so hard not to use. I use it in almost every sentence and too many times in a paragraph. I’m still trying not use WAS a lot.

I’m writing a first person first tense story right now. It’s called Blood & Ashes. It’s a medieval fantasy story back in the 1500s. It has castles, guards, kings, queens, princes and princess, even fantasy creatures.

I haven’t written in First Person, First Tense in a long time, probably since 2011 or 2012. I can’t remember. It was too hard to write in first tense and I stopped, well I finished all the novels I started and then moved on with past tense again. I’ve written in past tense my whole writing career. I’ve always wanted to try First Person first tense. I’ve having fun writing it right.

So yes I can say my writing carrier has changed a lot in the past and I hope I keep learning and discover other writing techniques. I’m always up for learning something new when it comes to writing.


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