From a writers P.O.V (Point of View)

The 5 Senses

The 5 Senses

Us writers see the world differently from a normal person. A writer sees, hears, tastes, smell and touches the world in a different way. We use these senses for a creative master piece for a blog idea, a novel they are writing or even a poem. We use these five senses for our writings.



As a writer when we go through things in life we use what we see.

If I was working on a novel for months and years and I didn’t know what to write about and I was stuck. That one moment could have changed everything for my novel. Like if I was sitting outside on a bench in town and a couple cop cars drove by I would think of using that in my novel. That moment could change everything for me. It could bring my novel to a different path and make it even better than it was before.

Any moment in life I see with my own eyes can be used in a novel. Like people on the side walk jogging and talking, two little kids fighting over a toy, a girl hugging her boyfriend goodbye, a car driving by with loud music blaring, a person in a yard, racking leaves in a black garbage bag or I could see a group of kids walking down the side walk talking and laughing back and forth. I might see workers in the road breaking up concrete and digging up soil.

So everything that us writers see if we like it enough we will use it.



When we hear things for our self’s instead of reading about it to get an idea we go out into the world and we get the full experience by hearing it for ourselves.

When I’m outside I hear the wind brush by my ears, I hear the birds chirping and singing to one another. I hear dogs barking from a distance. When I experience it I’ll either write it in my phone on a notepad or once I get home I’ll write it down in a notepad then later use it in a novel I’m working on or save it for something else.

I remember two years ago I was walking through the woods and I had my phone with me, everything that I was seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching I would turn my speaker on and talk to it then I would write it down later on paper.



Smell is something else that we use. If there is a writer out there that carry’s a small notepad in their purse or back pocket to write what they smell, well done my friend because that’s a smart move. Every writer should do that. Smells are very important in a story, just like hearing and seeing.

When I smell something I close my eyes and think man that smells so good. I don’t write it down like I should, but I’ll start trying to do that. I don’t think about writing it down, I just keep smelling it.

When a writer is at a restaurant or at home cooking, they will write down the smell. Like if he/she is cooking spaghetti, what do they smell? The meat and sauce cooking in the skillet or do they smell the spaghetti noddle’s cooking in the pan. Are maybe he/she is making a salad? What did they put in the bowl, can they smell it, what does the chopped fresh green lettuce smell like, how about the red or green peppers, maybe the cooked bacon and corn. Sliced onions, cooked chicken or even maybe tuna is in the bowl.

Some smell can be so good that we can taste them. Like when I’m out walking and after its done raining I can smell the earth’s soil and fresh green grass and the flowers. It smells really good. When I experience those smells I use them in a novel. That’s what us writers do.



Another thing about the five senses is tasting something. Some writers will eat or taste things for a current novel they are working on because they might be stuck in a scene or they don’t know how to write it. I never have done that before. Taste something then go write it in my novel. I should give it a try or maybe write it down awhile I am tasting it. I could call it the Taste Journal. Lol

So yes when writers taste things I’m sure they will write it down and use it in the novel for later.



Touch is also something else that we use. Some writers will go outside and touch a tree or swipe their hand along the grass so they know how it feels.

When I’m outside on my walks with Mocha I can feel the wind brush through my hair. Sometimes the wind can be hot and humid. I feel the suns heat bearing down on me and my back starts to sweats. When I feel all this I’ll use that in my novels or use it for another novel.

Another touch is hugging your boyfriend or girlfriend. When I hug my boyfriend I hold him close and I can feel his body close to mine. When he kisses me I don’t want him to stop, when we hold hands, I feel safe and protected around with him. Romance writers will use these kind of things in a romance novel. I’m not a romance writer, but I do use some of these in my writings.

When a writer is writing a steamy hot scene they have to experience it in real life. What does it feel like when his/her partner touches their cheek or back, what about a kiss on the lips or the neck. Maybe hands on her hips, pulling her closer to him. Us writers have to do these things so we can make the scene feels real to the reader then we did our job right.

When us writers use these 5 senses in our writings, it makes the story feel more real. That’s how the reader connects with the story. You have to make it realistic.


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