5 of my biggest distractions from your writing.


  1. YouTube
  2. Games on my Phone
  3. My Websites
  4. Watching movies
  5. Social Media


YouTube is very distracting, but if I watch T.V. episodes or book signs then it will motivate me to write.

Games on my phone can be very hard to not do because If I’m stuck or can’t think of anything to write then I’ll grab my phone and start to play games till something comes to mind.

My websites do get the best of me. I’m always looking at them and checking each page because I want to make sure they are the way I made them. And I just like to look at them because I like to see it.

Half way through the day after m walk I’ll put a movie in and try to write and I’ve come to realize it’s a distraction because I watch the movie instead of writing.

Social Media is very hard to not get distracted from. If I’m bored or have nothing to do then I’ll get on Facebook and scroll through my news feed. I try not to get on Facebook as much as I try not to do other things that distract me.

Published by Ashley Lovell Author

Ashley Lovell is the author of The Wish & Awakened Evil. She lives in her apartment with her two cats (Spook and Batman.) She started to write in the summer of 2005. Throughout her writing career, she has written song lyrics, poems, short stories, and novel series. She joined the Marion County Writers Workshop in 2010. She was in the top 10 in The Write Place book contest. And also, has several short stories featured in charity anthologies. When Ashley was growing up, she lived out in the country surrounded by cows, chickens, cats, five dogs, corn fields, dirt roads, and a patch of woods behind the house. She loves to drink French Vanilla coffee in the mornings when she writes. She is also a supporter of black cats and believes they are good luck. She loves to write creepy stories in the dark. You can find Ashley at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ​and Instagram to see updates and news on her work.

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