30 Day Blog Challenge


Top five pet peeves

  1. When I’m vacuuming the living room Spook hates the loud nose and she’ll look all panicked and then she will run out of the room and hide under my bed.
  2. When I’m writing or watching a movie, Spook doesn’t want me to ignore her so she tries to get my attention by rubbing up against my leg or meowing at me. She’ll jump on the couch and lie beside me then expose her belly to me. She’ll sniff my feet then walk under my legs when I’m at the desk and I can feel her tail along the front of my legs. Sometimes it tickles.
  3. If I try and give Spook wet foot, she’ll only lick the top and that’s it. She hates wet food.
  4. Spook doesn’t like it when other people hold her because she doesn’t know them.
  5. If I rub Spook’s belly too much or if I keep touching her paws, her tail will start to thrash and her ears will fold back and then she’ll do that low growl. That’s a sign of her telling me “Mama, stop. I don’t like it.”



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