The Writer’s Life: Normal person VS Writer

When I was younger around the age of learning how to write letters and sentences I never thought to be a writer. It never crossed my mind till one day in the summer of 2004 a short story idea popped into my head. A story about a girl that finds treasure hidden in the basementContinue reading “The Writer’s Life: Normal person VS Writer”

The writing process of Spirit Keeper

When I first thought of writing Spirit Keeper I was 22 years old and it was in December of 2010 in the middle of winter. I was sitting on the couch watching the T.V. show The Haunted. I knew right from the start I wanted to write something scary with witches, ghosts and spirits. ThatContinue reading “The writing process of Spirit Keeper”

​How has your writing career changed in the past year?

Each time I write something sometimes I will notice my writing changing throughout the year and in the past. I think I’m more into the writing then I was before. When I was younger I use to rush and not even take my time through each sentence or paragraph. At the time I thought IContinue reading “​How has your writing career changed in the past year?”

5 of my biggest distractions from your writing.

  YouTube Games on my Phone My Websites Watching movies Social Media   YouTube is very distracting, but if I watch T.V. episodes or book signs then it will motivate me to write. Games on my phone can be very hard to not do because If I’m stuck or can’t think of anything to writeContinue reading “5 of my biggest distractions from your writing.”