My Journal entry on May 30th, 2016

Spook really missed me yesterday. Before I went to bed I was sitting up in bed with my pillows to my back and my knees bent up. I was writing down some blog ideas for my Weebly website. I thought I need to do a lot more than just post pictures of my Novel cover, chapters from Spirit and my journal entries. So as I thought of what I should blog about Spook came into the room because I heard her bell on her collar shake. She jumped up on the bed and rubbed up against my leg with her tail up in the air. I tapped her back a few times then she flopped down next to a pillow and rolled on her back to expose her belly to me. I rubbed her belly a little then wrote a sentence then petted her and wrote another sentence then rubbed her belly again and wrote two more sentences.

As I was doing this she was also purring with her eyes closed and retracting her claws. It was so cute and funny.

After I finished writing down my blog ideas, I laid my notebook down, took my glasses off and laid my head on the pillow. Spook stood up and walked in a circle then for some reason I don’t know why she put her butt in my face with her tail in the air. I gently turned her head and patted her in the back and said “I don’t want to smell your butt, why do you do that?” She meowed at me then flopped down next to me. Sometimes I wish I could understand what they are saying or speak cat.

I went for my walk and yes, it was hot out. It was 84 degrees today. I hope I can still do some walking this summer. I don’t want it to be where it’s too hot for me to walk. I really want to get toned and get a little bit of a tan. Not like really dark, but just a little brown. And of course I burnt the back of my neck because I wore my hair up in a bun. I can’t stand to walk with my hair down. I sweat on the back of my neck and my hair sticks to my neck and my shoulders. I can’t stand it. Gross and nasty!


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