My Journal entry on May 29th, 2016

I didn’t finish writing in my journal yesterday. I forgot because I was getting packed to spend the night at Candi’s last night. Candi and Brian went to Matti’s so I stayed overnight and watched Mocha, Zippy and Fiona. They all behaved well.

After I finished my walk with Mocha I set in the living room and I flipped through the channels and Jurassic World was on, but it was almost over, but I continued to watch it anyways. After it ended I wanted to know when it was on again. It was going to be on at 6:05 so I made some popcorn and I watched it.

I didn’t plan on going upstairs to sleep like I always do because I was just staying overnight. So I thought I’ll just sleep on the couch. I was watching It Follows about a teenager that has a sex with a guy and now she has a ghost following her everywhere. It’s a good movie.

After it ended I watched Water world, but I ended up falling asleep. I did wake up at 11:00 and I tried to get back to sleep, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t because of the T.V. being on I just couldn’t sleep on that couch.

After I failed to try to go back to sleep, I decided to go upstairs and sleep in Abbi’s bed, Mocha followed right behind me. I closed the door shut tight and laid in bed, but after watching It Follow’s I was getting freaked out. I was too afraid to open my eyes and when I did nobody was standing there. I even heard the door pop open, but it was just Fiona. I fell back to sleep and surprisingly I woke up just once and I slept through the whole night.

I woke up and I could see the sun shining in pass the curtains and I didn’t just lay there like I do in the mornings I got up right away and I went down stairs and fed the animals.

I watched Dateline for 2 hours then I went for my walk with Mocha, but I wanted to get home because I missed Spook and the apartment.

After our walk I decided to go see my mom and everybody. When I got there they were building a flowerbed and they had a table and chairs. I was going to stay for a couple of minutes, but I didn’t. I ate lunch with them then I left and came to the apartment. Spook missed me. She walked right into the living room and rubbed up against my leg then looked at me as if to say where have you been. I looked right at her and said “Mama missed you too.”

It’s now 7:03 p.m. I edited a chapter in my Blood & Ashes novel. I like it better now. I added more detail and feelings, I hope. I’m doing a lot more rewriting then actual writing. I did as much free writing as I could half way through and now I’m going through each chapter and editing and rewriting.


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