My Journal entry on May 22nd, 2016

So this morning I painted two of my walls. I was a nervous wreck, but I painted anyways. I was just so scared I wasn’t going to do it right and mess it up. I did the smaller wall first then the bigger one.

As I was painting I kept having a little bit of anxiety, but once I finished the first wall I filled in the creases at the top and bottom. It didn’t even take me long. I think I started at 9 or 9:30 a.m. and I finished at 10:30 a.m. I wasn’t even rushing or anything. I can’t believe I got it done that fast. So I think I’ll do fine as long as I don’t stress or worry that something will go wrong. Everything will be fine.

After I got done painting I had to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air. I went to Candi’s and got Mocha.

The weather was great and it was nice out, but a little bit hot. The sky was nice and clear. But unfortunately it’s going to rain this week coming up, but that’s okay I’ll walk after its done raining. I love the smell.

After I got back from my walk I set outside on the patio for a little bit then went inside and made some coffee.

Anxiety is not something I like. I can’t stop worrying, my chest hurts and my heart races. I get flushed and I’m tired all the time. I feel like I want to break down and cry. I’m so sick and tired of these anxiety attacks. I just want to feel calm and relaxed.


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