My Journal entry on May 16th, 2016

I slept in till eight thirty because I woke up at twelve forty five. Fell asleep, then woke up again at three forty five and I kept waking up off and on. I was so tired and worn out I did not want to get up. I didn’t understand why I felt wore out. I didn’t even work my butt off yesterday. Maybe it’s because I sit outside out every day. It does make me feel tired, but I’m not sleepy. By the time that all passed by it was six thirty-six and I didn’t want to get up so I fell back to sleep and I woke up at eight thirty.

I did rain like it said and the sun is shining a little bit. I’m sure there is a nice cool breeze outside.

It’s nine fifty five a.m. My apartment is hot. I should of never left the heater on all night. It’s so hot I decided to sit outside at my patio table to cool off. The breeze feels so nice and the sun is not hot like it was yesterday.

I love to sit out and watch the birds. There is a bird that brings food to her babies. They are in the brick wall and they are active and loud when mom brings food. And of course at night time. All the birds are.

So I got some exciting news. My new glasses came in today. I was nervous and happy. When I put them on and I was like oh my god I hate them and I turned back around and took them off. I didn’t even look at myself long enough to see myself with them on. So I put them back on and I stood still and I held my hands out in front of me and I was like whoa, the ground is far away. The lady said my eyes will get use to them. And she said I can leave them on for a little bit then switch back and forth if I wanted.

So I just kept them on and as I was walking back to Candi’s I kept squawking my left eye because that side looks close up and the other side is normal.

I stopped a few times and looked at myself in business windows so I could see myself with them on. Now that I saw myself with them on I started to like them more and more. They are not heavy on my face at all. Thank god.

I kept them on as I walked back to Candi’s house. I looked at a couple of house numbers and they were a little bit blurry because the wind was cold and making my eyes water and sting. And I kept getting a small sharp pain on the left side of my head. It thudded a little and then went away.

So for the rest of the day I decided to just keep my new glasses on. As the hours went by my eyes weren’t hurting as much anymore.

I did go to the library and check out the Trylle Series by Amanda Hockling. I got Switched, Torn and Ascend. I probably won’t get them all three read, but that’s okay. I also got the movie Taken with Liam Neeson in it and I got Alien VS. Predator. I love that movie too. I haven’t seen it in a while so I got that one too.


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