My journal entry on May 10th, 2016

I did sleep well, but then I woke up at 6:45 a.m. and I had a pressure in my chest and it made me nervous. It wasn’t acid reflex or heart burn because I wasn’t burping or belching. I was hot and a little sweaty so I turned the fan on and it calmed me down and cooled me off.

Finally after a couple of minutes that felt like hours I started to doze off, but then I kept hearing a scratching sound in the bedroom with me.

I lifted my head and Spook was playing in the bucket of water that leaked from the ceiling the last couple of days. I snap my fingers and I said “Spook, stop it!” It startled her and she shot right out of the bedroom. It’s funny to see her bolt out of the room with her tail straight up in the air, her ears pulled back and her fat flapping back and forth. I laugh so hard that I have to hold my stomach to stop the pain.

I don’t understand why she likes to play with water that leaked from the ceiling, that’s just discussing. I don’t understand why she does that. I really don’t. It’s my fault that she plays in the water. I need to dump it every time it rains.

I laid my head down and closed my eyes as I enjoyed the nice cool breeze from the fan I found in the walk way that leads to the patio outside behind my apartment.

After I slept for another hour Spook jumped on the bed and I felt her nose touch mine and it woke me up. I reached over and patted her on the head and rubbed her back then I got up because I knew I had things to do. I took my heart burn pill, made some coffee and I did the last little bit of dishes and I cleaned the litter box.

As I was doing that I forgot I had burnt my finger on the hair straighter. I gasped and I went into the bathroom and put rubbing alcohol on it. After I done that I calmed down. I don’t want it to get infected.

So now I guess I will write in my novel and do some research on the 1700’s. I changed my year again. I was going to do the 1300s, but it was hard to write about it because they didn’t have a lot of weapons and it was just hard, so I’ll just do the 1700s. And yes guns were invented in that time and that’s okay. I’ll have my characters use them. I didn’t want them to use guns, but that’s okay. I thought it would be cool to have them use something else besides guns, but I guess I’ll have to do that in another novel.

I made cheese raviolis for lunch then I left and went to Candi’s to get Mocha for our walk. It was nice out and a little hot. I’m glad the sun was shining and not raining.

After I got back from Candi’s I set outside for a little bit with Spook. I watched the birds flying around as I ate my fruit salad. Then I noticed that it was getting a little bit chilly. I guess because it was shady and the sun wasn’t shining in the area where I was sitting. So I went back inside and I ate some chips and drank some milk as I was watching Rush Hour. I haven’t’ seen that movie for a while.

Before it ended I started to get heart burn because my chest was hurting and it felt like it was on fire. And it made me nervous because I take a heart burn pill. I didn’t understand why I had heart burn. It upset me because at that moment I felt like the pill stopped working. I hope this doesn’t happen again.


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