My Journal entry on May 8th, 2016

I woke up at one or two in the morning and I wasn’t feeling well at all. My stomach was hurting. I was like oh great, this is not good. I went to the bathroom and I laid back down. I was hoping to feel better, but I didn’t.

So I got back up and went to the bathroom again, if you know what I mean then I laid back down in bed and I was feeling a little better, but my stomach was still hurting.

I fell asleep and I think I woke up around five or six, I can’t remember now, but I was feeling a little better than I was before. But I wish my boyfriend was there with me, holding me close to him in his arms. I miss him so much.

I got up because I knew if I laid there I wasn’t going to feel any better. I took my heart burn pill, made a cup of coffee and straightened my hair. I put two little sausage sandwiches in the microwave and I burnt them. Thank god the fire alarm didn’t go off. I put two new ones in and I sat at my desk and drank my coffee and ate the small sandwiches.

I had a great day with my mom. She loved her sewing basket and her new scissors.

My brother grilled while the kids played outside. I was sitting on the deck and I could smell the hot dogs and the cheese burgers.

The weather was nice outside so I set in the chair on the deck, but the wind was a little chilly. That’s why I wore a long sleeve shirt and I thought it was going to rain. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but who knows. I guess we’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

I drove the golf cart with Bentley (my brother’s son) beside me. He was talking nonstop while I was driving and singing. My mom’s dog Whiskey Rose was running beside the golf cart. Her tongue was flapping in the wind and her ears pointed straight up. When I glanced over at her and I swear it looked like she was smiling and enjoying herself.

I stayed at my mom’s till three twenty. I wanted to stay there and spend time with everybody. I’m glad I took this day with my mom and the others. My mom was glad I came out and spent time with everybody.

When my mom dropped me off at my apartment I came in the front door and went into my apartment and changed my clothes. I looked out the window where I had made a hole in the plastic and I saw my patio table. I was so happy. I grabbed my phone and went outside and took a picture. I called Lugene and thanked her for the patio table. I’m so excited to sit outside and enjoy the weather with Spook.

I went back inside and made some fresh coffee and watched the movie The day after tomorrow. Rachel let me borrow it and a couple others.

Now I’m going to write in my medieval fantasy novel Blood and Ashes because I have some great ideas.


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