My Journal entry on May 7th, 2016

I know today will be busy. Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I’m going out to my mom’s all day and spend time with her and everybody else.

I knew I was right. Today was busy. Me and Lou had a lot of deliveries. So I wasn’t in the flower shop most of the time. Every time we came back the table that sits in the back would be full of arrangements and plants in baskets. So Lou and I were out of the flower shop a lot.

I love going on deliveries because I can relax and think about things. And I get to see different kind of house’s and of course the large pieces of lands that are filled with trees and bushes.

After the day was over, I went back to my apartment building. I ate a sand which and watched the movie Georgia Rule. I love that movie. I want to get it on DvD.

Before it ended I laid down and when the movie was over I laid there and fell asleep from 3:00 to 6:26 p.m. I must have been tired.

So I got up and put some chicken bites in the toaster oven. And of course I forgot to remove a plastic bowel with chocolate donuts in it that set on top of it. They were all melted so I through them away.

After I ate them I wrote in my novel Blood and Ashes. I’m writing the scene where Priscilla goes to the cliff island in the middle of the water and a creature attacks the boat and smashes it. So now she is trapped on the island and she has nowhere to go, that’s what she thinks. This scene will be fun to write. I’m already getting ideas for it.


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