My Journal entry on May 6th, 2016

Yesterday was busy for me and I totally forgot to continue writing in my journal before I went to bed. I woke up this morning and I remembered that I didn’t write in my journal. I was mad and upset because I want to write every day in my journal. I want to write about my day because I read that it releases stress and lifts the weight off your shoulders.

Sometimes after I write I do feel that way sometimes. But when I hear my boyfriend’s voice or if I see him on video chat that’s when I’m relaxed and calm. I don’t know what it is about him, but every time he calls or video calls me on Facebook he relieves a lot of stress and anxiety from my body that I had that day. He’s a great person and I love him very much.

So yes, my day was busy. I went to the eye doctor here in Knoxville and I had an eye exam then I got to pick out some eye glasses. I think I picked out like five or six. Marci and Abbi were there and I put the glasses on and I chose the blue frames. It was really hard to pick because there were six that I liked, but I like the blue frames.

After I was done at the eye exam I went grocery shopping and I spent $292. At first I was upset because I went over my budget, but then I thought about it and I was like I need it. I needed paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, body wash. All that stuff that is important to a person. I did get some food too. I needed some pasta noodles and jars of pasta sauce. I got other stuff too like sliced watermelon, Swiss cheese, cheesy raviolis and cans of chicken, just a lot of stuff that I normally get.

I did get my mom a mother’s day’s gift. I got her a sewing box to put stuff in; I got her a pair of scissors and some chocolate.

Then I had my writers meeting that night at 6:30 p.m. I love going to my writers meeting. I get really excited when I read and then everybody asks questions or give me a suggestion.

Oh man what a day. We were busy at the flower shop today. We had so many deliveries today. I couldn’t count them all if I could. It’s a few days before mother’s day. It was a good day, but I kept hurting myself. After I got to the flower shop I was cleaning a vase and it broke in my hands and I cut myself like four times, but it wasn’t anything bad.

Then I went into the bathroom and I burnt my finger on a hair straighter. And yes it hurt like a mother f*****. It left a blister then it bubbled up and I popped it when we came back to the flower shop. I wanted to pop it because if I bumped it or bruised it it would have hurt even more. After I popped it a lot of liquid come out. It stung a little, but it really didn’t hurt. I was trying to catch the hair straighter, but I didn’t know it was on. If I knew it was on, I would have stepped back and let it fall to the floor.

Then I took a deliver to a place called Homestead where old people live and they get taken care of. I bumped into a black metal thing that sits outside in the front that had a plant siting in it. That hurt. So I guess it wasn’t a very good day, but I was trying to have a good mood.

Oh yeah, then at the end of the day I bought a scratch ticket and I won $20. I did buy a lottery ticket. I have to take it in Monday to see if I won.

So now I will do a little bit of research for my Blood and Ashes novel. I have to pick out a year I want to use. I think I might do the year 1300. I’m still not sure. I’ll figure it out.

Its 9:44 and I’m still up because tonight is Bike Night. It’s where people come and bring their motorcycles. A band plays while people walk around and look at all the bikes.

I can’t go to sleep until it’s over.

There is also a band playing behind the winery where I live. So I guess I’ll just stay up and write till the night is over.


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