Life as a Struggling Writer

writing-a-script_1 Struggling as a writer or an author is not something you want to go through. I don’t even like it myself, but I’m getting through it.

Life of a struggling writer can be stressful and emotional roller coaster ride. We think why can’t I get anybody to buy my novel. I have the same problem. I know a lot of people that know me that don’t read Paranormal/Horror novels. I don’t want just my family and friends to buy my novel; I want strangers to buy it as well.

Us struggling writers wonder why we can’t make it as an author or a writer. I think these things too. A lot. I do have my novel on I use to check it all the time to see if someone has bought it and nothing has changed. So I just I stopped checking it and went on with my life.

Months later I realized that maybe nobody knows about it because I’m not doing anything to get people to know about it. That’s when I started to talk about on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Nothing still has not changed, but hopefully it will. That’s another thing about a struggling writer we think about wanting people to buy our books and when nobody does we stop and think is this something I want to continue on to do in my life. Should I continue to write or should I go get a job that I can get paid for. I’ve had these thoughts before, but I can’t EVER stop writing. It’s what I do and it’s what keeps me going on through the day.

I go to the library all the time and I always go straight to the YA section because I write YA novels too. I take a book of the shelf and I stare at the cover and look at the back as well. I think to myself I hope my novel that I wrote and put a lot of hard work into will be on the shelf someday soon. I want to see my author photo on the back. All of us struggling writers want that.

Here are some things that a struggling writer’s think about and want

*They think and want to be on the New York Times Best Selling List
*They want to afford to have a book signing
*They want to sell A LOT of books and make money so they don’t have to worry
*They want to travel the world and meet people
*They want to be known as an author
*They want to see plenty of money in the bank from their book sells
*They want their book to become a movie
*They need fans to like and love their work
*They want to go to events and meet other writers
*They want to touch and hold their novel they have worked on for months and years at a time (Only a writer will experience these feelings)
*They want to see their name printed on the front of their novel
*They want to not worry about if they have enough money in the bank



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