Coffee & Writing

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In a writers mind, the best thing is a comfortable spot to sit in with their laptop or a notebook w/ their favorite pen.

If you are not a writer then you won’t understand.

What do writers eat or drink when they are writing?

When writers write they will eat while they are writing that novel. With some writers it’s how their writing process goes.

What’s in their glass or cup?

Most writers will drink coffee like I do. I have to have coffee. There is no question about it. When I was younger I didn’t drink or eat anything when I would write. But not these days I drink a lot of coffee, I guess because it motivates and inspires me and I love the taste of my McCafe French vanilla coffee.

What do I eat?

Honestly I don’t eat anything while I write because I know I will pack ALOT of pounds on. It happened last summer. I ate a lot of chocolate and drank cane after cane of diet Pepsi. I wasn’t happy.

Before I ate a lot of chocolate and drank a lot of pop I weigh 154 pounds and after the summer ended I weighted 167. I was very disappointed in myself and I wanted to cry.

I gained all that weight because I wasn’t moving around or eating healthy. I would just be lazy, eat chocolate and drink pop all day. At the time I didn’t think it was bad because everybody else was doing it, so I felt like I fit right in.

Then after I seen how much I weighted I knew I had to make a change in my life and make smart choices and decisions.


2 thoughts on “Coffee & Writing”

    1. I love coffee. I have to have coffee. I drink the McCafe French Vanilla. It’s so good. I use to drink 4 cups in the morning, then 2 in the late afternoon then 5 cups around 8 or 9 at night because I’ll stay up late and write if I’m in the mood. 🙂 lol But now I don’t drink that much in 1 day anymore. No wonder I would feel sick afterwords. lol

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