RIP Cecil The Lion

I was heart broken when I heard about this. It’s such a sad story that people are killing our wild animals for sports and trophys. That shouldn’t happen in any country. On July 1st, 2015 the world lost a great and loving icon that didn’t deserve to be taken from this earth. Cecil you were a beautiful big cat and beast that walked this earth with pride and courage. You stood up for what was right and fought with every ounce of muscle in your body to protect your pride. You showed no pity, but bravery. You were a joy in sight to see. You filled our eyes with amazment and no disappointment. Rest in peace buddy. You will ALWAYS be missed, but NEVER forgotten. Your legacy will live on forever.

#cecilthelion #lions #savethelions #ripcecilthelion #stoptrophyhunting

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