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My fan page

Hi everybody, my novel “Spirit Keeper” is available on You can read it on your computer, Iphone and kindle. 😄😃😀
Here’s my blurb to Spirit Keeper. Enjoy!

What would you do if you saw a house in the woods and a witch who gives you a crystal stone?
When Alivia’s grandpa passes away, she never felt so alone till one day she ventured out into the woods and came face to face with the witch, Inga. Inga gives her a crystal stone to make a wish and the next morning she finds Grandpa Quinn in the kitchen well and alive. Was losing her grandpa just a dream or was it all in her head? Now that Alivia has her grandpa back, she’s happier than ever. But in the following day when she wakes up things start to fall apart. Her grandpa is dead . . . Again. And now Inga’s dark forces are out to get Alivia’s spirit. Something Inga desperately needs.
Alivia sets out to unravel the history of Inga’s past and teams up with Geena a paranormal researcher, Medium and a Psychic, to bring down the evil stalking the woods. Not only do they realize this is more than just a haunting, Alivia discovers that her family has a curse and finds out that her relatives have been dying. What’s the cause behind their deaths?
When a wish presents itself, be careful what you wish for, it could turn deadly.

Twitter: @ashleylovell
Pinterest: Ashley Lovell
Thumblr: Ashley Lovell
Hope you all have a nice day.

Here’s my link to my fan page. Thank you and have a nice day.


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